Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Happy Memorial Weekend

Tracy wishes everyone a joy filled yard art weekend.
Hey y'all... where's the beer?

Pets and Yard Art
Pets and Yard Art
 goes together like a horse and carriage

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You Just Need The Correct Bait

CTWD is on the watch for errant lawn ornaments because Boykins seem to be particularly fond of cameras. While he guards the yard perimeter waiting for his photo-op, Mr Moretti lays in wait and snags a prize.
It's just you and me my pale Italian friend... 

 First entry in the Pet and Yard Art Series.

Remember, you can send in a photo at anytime. I will post them once a week. Near the end of the year the select 12 will make mega-calendar fame. Or at least luke warm fame... or you can bug you co-workers with your pookie and a lawn jockey.

You know what happens when you mix rodents with alcohol?
Nothing good                

Monday, May 14, 2012

Where the Buoys Are....

There are many southern sub-cultures. There are mountain southerners, deep south southerns, urban southerners and there are coastal southerners. I am/was a coastal southerner. We call folks who lived out in the country as "being in the sticks". I grew up in the sticks. This means I did not grow up on the water but in the country side (inland). Also we Eastern North Carolinians did not use the term "redneck". Here is a bit of trivia. Growing up in the sticks, those people who everyone else lumps in the general category as "redneck" we called "grits". Hey it was what we did... we Sticks people.

Susan H has obviously been to the coast. Coastal yard art is different and usually flamboyant.

Susan H comments and submits:
"Why were there no buoys in life to show you the way?"  Nora Roberts
Because this guy had them all!

A glorious cacophony of color and shape nautical collection or a buoy-napper your call
That is one thing you can always count in the country: The Shed. Here, The Shed, acts a a run-over collection display-er. (Love the multicolored Adirondack chairs).
When you run out of buoys a tea pot or three will do

Score (before we get into the whole cup fence issue, I am calling this decoration of the house and not a complete work of art) Susan supplied the list, my comments are in red

- Lighthouse: 1 point
- Seahorse bird bath (amazing that I had to go back and look for this): 3 points
- Cat: 1 point
- Dog with bandana: 2 points (because he is dressed)
- 4 tea pots on the well - I know, I know - something about being functional? (not in this case) 4 points
- Bird bath on the tree stump (love stump usage): 1 point
- 173 Buoys – at least. I  should have walked around the back of the house and I'm not sure I counted right: 173 points. That's right I am giving them to her.

Subtotal: 185 points

Creativity Bonus

For the avid dedication of a collector (pilfer-er or beach comber), the mounting of the collection and noise that house much make in the wind: 4 points

Total: 189 points

The manatee calls the buoy house, to be the yard to beat in 2012

A little reminder of Yard Art with Pets Tuesday...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pets and Yard Art... It's That Easy

In celebration of the auspicious occasion upon my recent re-tweetment, I would like to propose a little game.

We are going to have a sub-game running until October-ish. I had the spark of an idea from a comment last night on Facebook. Since my demographic is so small - (yard art and the people who secretly love it) I have decided to expand my topic for one day a week.

Yard Art and Pets

On Mondays or Tuesday... you guys decide. I will post any pictures I receive of your pet and a yard art item. This is perfect for those of you are a little nervous scouting out lawn artists. Any pet, cat, dog, horse, ferret... frog (That's for you Lin) and maybe your favorite piece of your own collection or maybe your Mom's... whatever.

In October we will vote on the perfect 12 for a calendar. Those people whose photos are selected will receive a free calendar. Just in time for Christmas because you know your sister would love a calender featuring Snooky-bo and a flamingo.  (yes I am finally doing this Cindy)

Caesar and my tennis playing hedgehogs

This is not as easy as it sounds because it took 15 shots with my camera phone in every one he looked bored. You can tell he is really excited about the idea of me dragging him around to get yard art pictures until I get the ball rolling. Also he is ignoring me but the is normal.

Have fun, have a good weekend and remember the game is afoot and the scoring has begun.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Devotion: Having a blogger fan beg you for months to come back to the game (Diane)

Devotion: Is spending a Saturday trying to catch some pictures of Adults gnoming it out with their kids (Gnomes, fairies the theme at Prairie Ridge event Saturday) just to share on my blog.

Devotion: Dogged determination to spread the joy of yard art even though it is an impossible topic and there is no way to market it or target an audience.

Devotion: People determined to remove garden gnomes from this world making it hard to get the 4 point gnome score (you know who you are HOA's):

Garden Devotion: Gargoyle  gnomicide.

Gnome devotion: Stalk and wait (and resemble my old algebra teacher) which makes him a double threat

Wombles - Precursor to Teletubbies and perhaps more disturbing

because I am devoted in sharing what entertains me... no matter how bizarre.