Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Along Life's Highway - The Letter Box Edition

Once in a while a yard is so grand, the scope so vast that the feature must be filmed in panoramic vision. So now presented by eventer79 in CinemaScope (sort of):

Please take a moment to click on each image and pan from left to right. Thank you.

eventer79 submitted the photo work and the tally count. My comments are added in red.


- 1 non functioning pump: 1 point
- 2 Canada geese: 2 points
- 1 white owl: 1 point
- 1 raccoon on a stump: 1 point
- 1 half-cherub in a birdbath (if is only a 1/2 and a cupid like cherub, I'll count it): 1 point
- 1 fishing boy who's lost his pole (seems to be an epidemic. Guys you got to hold onto that thing): 1 point
- 3 random animal sculptures that I can't tell what they are -- I think one was a frog.(hmm always call it if you can, heck make it up): 3 points
- 1 non functioning well: 1 point
- 1 UNC mascot: 1 point
- 1 turtle on a stump -- he was big and white and he doesn't really show up: 0 points ( I can't find him)
- 1 owl: 1 point
- 1 chipmunk on a cutout: 1 point
- 1 statue on a stump: 1 point
- 1 big strand of Xmas lights still up on trellis arbor thingy (Holiday Bonus): 3 points
- 1 Xmas wreath on porch (Holiday Bonus): 3 points
- 1 other strand of Xmas lights on porch (Holiday Bonus): 3 points
- 1 girl in blue dress cutout: 1 point
- 1 fawn laying next to her: 1 point
- 1 light up neon palm tree: 1 point
- 1 lady statue next to that: 1 point
- 1 bald eagle nailed to tree (do we get extra points for crucified listed species?) (oh come on, you know you are working a huge score here but yes, I would give extra for that alone): 1 point
- 3 green frogs: 3 points
- 1 red kissy dutch couple (Kitsch factor): 3 points
- 1 banana peel cutout (?) (I have no idea why): 1 point
- 1 owl on a stump: 1 point
- 3 deer (baby is laying down behind lantern): 3 points
- 1 Captain Ahab (still running from the giant man-child in the other yard?): 1 point
- 1 frog next to him: 1 point

- You left out the lighthouse: 1 point

eventer79: And that is not even everything in that yard, but everything I could get with our little work camera!!!!

Subtotal: 43 points

Creativity Bonus

There are a lot of things going on and I do like the Eagle nailed to pole - good negotiating. I am somewhat disappointed in the small number of kitsch items and I did not see any shock value: 2 points

Total: 45 points

So exciting, we almost hit the 50 barrier.


  1. OMG...I love the fact that Eventer79 did all the calculations for you.

    Way to go. TOTALLY AWESOME piece of reporting.

    Don't know if that one will ever be beat.

    But....I just ordered a new camera, so I'll always be ready for whatever I come across. :)

  2. It was totally a 50 yard -- around the lighthouse are 5 or 6 more little statues, they were just too far away in the rain. The turtle was nestling in the cactus, I have a very blurry picture of just him, but it was so terrible I didn't submit it. I can do follow-up pictures!


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