Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scale - A Basic Principle of Design

Scale is a pretty important tenet of design. Items that may be delicate and intricate can be lost in a large presentation or some item you might really cherish can look like a massive ungraceful concrete pillar.

The Higher Power took this shoot and it is a good example of "I am going to count it because I don't think it's art" or "wow, look at that giant statue"

The goddess (I am guessing) is taller than the windows, she is taller than all the landscaping in fact she looks taller than the side door. Even a two-story colonial would have had problems with her.


  • Colossal goddess draped dramatically: 1 point

  • Christmas wreath: (holiday points, 1 for each month): 3 points

subtotal: 4 points

Creativity Bonus

For the out of proportion statue placed on a stone pedestal in front of a single story ranch: 1 point.

Total: 5 points

I would have given you so much more if she wore holiday garland

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