Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cherubs - Are They Mini Angels?

When we were first developing the rules for the Lifes Highway Game, we made the decision to not count angels or saints for fear of being struck down dead by lightning. But lately cherubs have been showing up in submissions and I cannot find definitive information on whether a cherub is actually a religious icon or a cute chubby character made popular by medieval artists and Hallmark.

Shhhh... I'm hiding in the bushes and hopefully I will not be scored.


Cherub hovering in the bushes or possibly perched in a birdbath: 0 points

At this moment, I am still a little concerned about lightning.


  1. Is he shushing, or is he doing a Dr. Evil imitation?

    Either way, he's sort of creepy.

  2. If he were a bald angel absolutely a Dr. Evil impersonator.

  3. According to Wickipedia, I guess this little guy is a putti.

    In Christianity, they (cherubs) are often represented in iconography as faces of a lion, ox, eagle, and man peering out from the center of an array of four wings…..Since the Renaissance, in Western Christianity cherubim have sometimes become confused with putti—innocent souls, looking liked winged children, that sing praises to God daily—that can be seen in innumerable church frescoes and in the work of painters such as Raphael.

  4. Putti get bad press. I must now research the putti.

  5. The word putto is Italian singular male; the plural is putti. The female is putta but is not used since it is the short form of puttana ("slut", "whore"); this derogatory meaning is retained in the closely-related Spanish vulgarity, "puta".) - ha. Wikipedia, love it.

  6. The iconography of putti is deliberately unfixed. It is hard to tell the difference between putti, cupids and angels. They have no specific attributes, but can take on the attributes of numerous other figures. As such, putti can take on lots of meanings. - again Wikipedia. Therefore these fat not-really babies wing-ed persons could theoretically be counted.

  7. He's taking a leak


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