Monday, May 11, 2009

Twilight Zone

Imagine if you will... You live in an upscale gated community. Snug in your home peacefully safe and secure with the knowledge that your neighborhood association protects you from the everyday eye nuisance that is yard art. What would happen if the natural order were turned upside down and you are welcomed to the Twilight Zone.

CTWD submits:
This property is in the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg Vigrinia. According to my hostess yard art of any kind is strictly prohibited by the home owners association.
Very green, tasteful and not too ornamental, actually a little overground and not classically landscaped. And yet CTWD continues...
- We have one, of seven, live bunnies. (live bunnies do not count unless they are somehow permanently affixed to the collection)
- Two urns with dead flowers
- One Gargoyle, with as I understand it is a rare and wonderful thing to capture.
- One Yard Gnome, which as I understand it, is the mother lode of yard art.

  • Gargoyle: 1 point
  • Gnome: 4 points (but disappointing when not painted)
  • Urns with dead plants: 0 points (ah ha, upscale people let their plants die too)
Subtotal: 5 points

Creativity Bonus

For artfully placing small items of garden decor that could be misconstrued by the general public as heinous yard art in a way so that your neighbors are blissfully unaware of the transgression: 2 points.

Total: 7 points

And no, not that Twilight.


  1. There is more to the story.
    The homeowners are deceased. No one knows the property disposition.
    The day before the pictures were taken the yard had two weeks worth of overgrowth.
    My host spoke to the Kingsmill Police, my new life ambition, and literally overnight the yard was mowed.
    As I was taking my pictures KMPD pulled up and asked wjo I was and what I was doing.

  2. ohhh, exciting. Our first police involvement while playing.


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