Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Secure is First Place?

A challenge has been thrown to our current leader by a dark horse player.

d/iowa submits the following and issues a warning:
just wait till my road trip from Atlanta to Iowa- I'm gonna steal first place!

Superior alien cat is offended by the decor and the empty headed bunny. Do not force her to burn him again.

  • Tall regal kitty, who is too good for this: 1 point
  • 3 rabbits of various sizes: 3 points
  • Cowering hiding dog: 1 point
  • Meaningful Brown dog wishing to help the situation: 1 point
  • Snowman head on a stick(with the price tag still visible.): 1 point
  • Holiday Bonus in July!!!: 7 points
subtotal: 14 points


For the capture of an elegant cyan art deco cat within a stone ring of power and forcing the feline to live among perceived inferiors who enjoy a plastic flower or two. 2 points

Total: 16 points

You can catch her d/iowa but it will not be easy.


  1. Did I hear threatening music playing somewhere??

  2. Yeah, I think I hear the Jaws theme song coming out of the West.

  3. Is this the time for trash talk?

    Do they even have yards in Iowa? How can you see the decorations behind all those corn stalks??? ;-P

  4. we have yards in iowa! but the real point getters will be when i'm roaming through random trailer parks in the dirty south- watch out eventr79- it's on like donkey kong!! :-)


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