Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nashville - The Mini Series - Part 2

Day 2 of the fantastical Nashville Tour. Same house as yesterday but we have moved onto the right side of the front yard.

eventer79: Now, we are going to skip over the porch itself and score the other side

Score (as listed by eventer79, my comments are in red)

- Two beagle pups (wrapped around a tiny birdbath): 1 point
- A stranded swordfish: 1 point
- Labrador with lantern and pup (maybe dad and brother?): 2 points
- Battered firedog (hat not detachable): 1 point
- Fox on a stump (eyeing the bunnies across the walk, no doubt): 1 point
- Harp angel with spawn on skirt (great word "spawn"): 0 points
- Two huggy children: 1 point
- Hare (because it is not a rabbit): 1 point
- Two bunnies carrying a stump?: 1 point
- Tiny bunny: 1 point
- Large brown duck, looks like a blue-winged teal: 1 point
- Two boys with hats (one of the boys seems to be a Scot): 2 points
- Reading fairy: 1 point
- Glassy-eyed rabbit (as opposed to a hare): 1 point
- Angel checking the tune on her mandolin: 0 points
- Two frogs on a bench, one cradling his newly broken heart: (kitsch): 3 points
- Goose: 1 point
- Gnome with wheelbarrow (full of toys, who is he kidding): 4 points
- Squirrel with plans: 1 point
- Another large squirrel: 1 point
- Elf-eared gnome (these seem to be weird hybrid elf-gnomes): 4 points
- Girl fairy: 1 point
- Panting lab mix: 1 point
- Boy with no eyes (disturbing): 1 point
- Mallard: 1 point
- Poodle with Rocky Horror makeup: 1 point
- Frogs arguing on a bench (kitsch factor): 3 points
- Buck: 1 point
- Frog: 1 point
- Girl with no eyes (these vacant-faced children are quite creepy!): 1 point
- Two angry owls (who who damn it): 2 points
- Oddly graceful doe: 2 points
- Gnome with watering can: 4 points
- Christmas girl and boy dancing the jitterbug: 2 points
- Another frog: 1 point
- Cat (bewildered): 1 point
- Bear hugging flower (I am embarrassed for him): 1 point
- Lantern (could be functional): 0 points
- Boy with dog: 1 point
- Lighthouse: 1 point

Subtotal: 55 points

Creativity Bonus

A mass-collection without any distinquishable points of interest. There were a few almost-Christmas decoration that slightly raised my eyebrow but all in all not inspired. 0 points

Today's total: 55 points

Running total on entire yard: 100 points

Sniff, I am so proud.


  1. Ohhhhhh, but just wait till she posts the porch itself....

  2. Are you friggin kidding me??? Are you sure this isn't actually a yart art store? I give up.

  3. I said it was a massacre.

    Don't give up it's only July. You live in Johnston County, that is bound to give you an advantage.

  4. Hey, where did my comment go.......

    Anyway, I actually live in Wake County and sadly have exploited all of the yards along my routes to the barn.

    There are just only so many places Belgian-Mom goes, so her future on LifesHighway is not looking good.

  5. I still see your comment. Well then, this calls for a road trip.


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