Wednesday, July 1, 2009

They Call It Turtle Love

When accepting invitations to social functions parameters and expectations must be set.

International Flower Spy submits:

Kermit accepted to join the Turtle Brothers in a foursome assuming they meant a round of golf. That was his first mistake... there would be others.


  • 3 turtles: 3 points
  • Remorseful Frog: 1 point
Subtotal: 4 points

Creativity Bonus

For the inappropriate turtle love trust upon an unsuspecting amphibian: 2 points

Total: 6 points

You know, Kermit never liked golf that much anyway.


  1. Did Kermit replace Master Splinter? Has Master Splinter run off with Donatello? Scandalous!

  2. Poor Kermit is gazing back at his be-shelled retinue with an expression of naivete turning slowing and inexorably into justified alarm. Each turtle shows us less profile, and more head-on expression. The last turtle's face? Fiendishly knowing...

  3. Yeah, I would watch out for that last guy.

  4. Can you believe these guys were only about 4-5 inches tall??! So glad you like!


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