Monday, August 31, 2009

The Adoption Center

eventer79 found the birthplace of our mascot the Giant Chicken of Franklin County. The chicken inspired me to write this blog after playing the game for about 10 years with friends and family and of course the chicken is the title photo.

eventer79: This is the statuary in Elizabethtown where giant chickens are born (and pigs and angels and saints and pelicans and bears and and and...). Apparently they start unfinished and then the striking paint job is an option. Also note the gorilla/gargoyle complete with bright red nostrils/eyes/mouth. A bloodthirsty King Kong gargoyle is a must for any yard...

Paint adorned cranky bear and a dandy pelican

Naked bear and the Giant Chicken's brother!

The monkey/gargoyle guarding the entrance to naked yard art land.

All of this makes a nice segue into my own trip to the same concrete heaven If anyone gets down to White Lake please take more picture of the surrounding area. I took a lot but there is so much more territory to cover when people live near a fine establishment such as this, they buy stuff.

A closeup of the Gate Keeper. Nice muscle development.

Those darn Saints and Greek God hooligans hanging around

A naked guardian , not so scary now are you, and some dinosaur friends.

A giant chicken waiting to be loved and adopted

No points for statuary stores but thank you for the inspiring photo-documentary. Sniff, it breaks your heart to seem them in cages.


  1. LOL -- I did not know you had been there! Thanks for the closeup of Kong, I hadn't noticed he had such nice biceps!

  2. Look at them all trying to get out from behind the fence. I am imagining an uprising of statuesque proportions. If they break free, what havoc might ensue?

  3. Oh so true, we may wake up and find all kinds of figurines loitering about our yards.


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