Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ducks In A Row

I never played with dolls much as a child. But I was not opposed to grabbing my poor long suffering cat and stuffing it into a baby dress and watch it stagger and fall over like a load of cement. Once incapacitated by the shame of the dress, I would stroll it around the house in a baby carriage.

Some people never get over the idea of dressing dolls and carry the fetish outside on display in their very own yards.

d/iowa comments and submits:

    This is right over the line in Decatur, NE. The ducks wear different things at different times of the year- it's pretty funny.

The tribe's offering does not please King Ralph the Nude.


  • Pelican: 1 point
  • 7 duck/seagull hybrids in matching attire: 14 points
  • 7 tiny fishing polls with fish or bobbers: 7 points

Subtotal: 15 points

Creativity Bonus

For proudly displaying the catch of the day (or lack there off) while standing on their poor little wire prostheses to a disdainful pelican who apparently does not approve of the outfit of the day: 4 points.

Total: 19 points

Receives the Gold Manatee of excellence

Of course, d/iowa is now obligated to submit future duck/seagull fashion collections.


  1. my 1st gold manatee-excuse me while i grab a tissue.

    i can't wait for the next duck wardrobe change!

    and ps- OMG i thought i was the only one who dressed her cat in doll clothes and pushed it in a stroller as a child. i'm not kidding.

  2. Putting a cat in a dress is like stunning them with a phazer.

  3. Every time I tried to dress *my* cats up, it ended badly. After that, I just stuck to water games... :D

  4. Water games and cats, sounds like a good story.

  5. heh heh...I might just have to post it one of these days...


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