Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Consumate Gambler

I used to be a pretty good card player. Growing up my family was all about playing cards, board games and just about another group competition which may result in a pile of kids screeching, yelling and rolling around like a pile of wild puppies. Be that as it may, I do recognize a true competitor.

eventer79 has been eagerly watching this yard for the past 10 months, gambling that the residents would not get motivated and eventer79 would get the BIG payoff.

"These Christmas trees have been up all year. The decorative fire hydrants are just a bonus"


  • 2 fire hydrants (the assumption is non-functioning): 2 points
  • 2 Christmas Trees with tattered bedraggled trimming: 20 points (1 point for every month past the holiday)
  • Christmas jingly bells on the door: 10 points
  • Purple bow: 0 points (I can't think of a purple holiday)

Subtotal: 32 points

Creativity Bonus

While this is a pretty boring layout by itself, I will grant there is symmetry in the presentation. But for the epic level of procrastination that would allow seasonal decoration to span the entire year until they are almost once again seasonal: 4 points.

Total: 36 points

that'll do, player, that'll do

For you naysayers, if she had waited one more month, I would have had to call the decorations "seasonal" and she would have lost a majority of the points.


  1. Yesssss, the manatee!!! Purple could be for Easter....but actually that bow is for a chick that disappeared in Stem a year ago, it's a vigil thing in Creedmoor. And yes, the hydrants are not functional. Yeah, my gamble paid off!

  2. I'm very impressed! Congrats eventer79!

  3. It was hard to sit on those fire hydrants for a year!

  4. Fire hydrant sitting almost always improves one's balance.


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