Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Julie found it impossible to protect her popcorn from the gigantic Canadian pigeons.

You better hold onto the honey, George, they're looking this way


2 opportunistic legless canada geese: 2 points
Disgruntled girl on bench: 1 point
Bears with bee hive: 1 point
Very cute turtle: 1 point
Whirligigs: 2 points
Cherub: 0 points

Subtotal: 7 points

Creativity Bonus

The presentation is not very inspired although the geese do seem quite deligent is weeding around the flower bed: 0 points

Total: 7 points

These are not all canada geese in fact I think one is a swan but still... give them the damn popcorn:


  1. I love this blog. I always leave with a smile. Thanks.

  2. I was chased by a swan life flashed before my eyes!

  3. If the swans have no legs, I'm interested to see how they will advance on the food. I have two theories:

    1) they are a swan/snail cross, and will slowly ooze across. We will have to be kept informed of their status

    2)Similar to the Doctor Who ep entitled "Don't Blink", as soon as someone removed their eyes from the swans, teeth and wings will emerge and this submission will lose points due to the absence of some or all of the lawn ornaments

  4. redgirl, you have once again applied your own unique spin on the developing landscape tableau.

    I fear for the sweet little turtle.


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