Friday, October 23, 2009

Pushy Salesmen

Unless you have been living under a rock or disdain television for the higher entertainment venue that is the interwebs, then you are aware of the Travelocity Gnome. Just because the little guy seems oh so charming with his little accent does not mean that he has reformed from his natural gnome character. Have you ever wondered what he is packing in his pockets?

Yeah, one innocently holds a watering can but what is it with the shaft and the tire iron?

hey, psst... want to buy a house

Intrepid reporter redgirl found a nefarious plot to use gnomes to sell houses on Two gnomes reside in my back yard and who knows what they are scheming.

Checkout redgirl's blog Snippits From a People Watcher She has an unique insight into human character.


  1. um. wow. there are so many things one could say about the implements held. Being of course brave and thick skinned, I shall begin.

    It's like dream interpretation.

    The gnome on the left represents the workplace; the boss who "gives you the shaft". The gnome on the right is the economy, that hits you on the hits you on the head, then steals your wallet (ie, barbarous burglar makes off with your savings). Middle gnome, identical twin of right gnome is the stealer of pride; the neighbor who, when you lose your job, buys a hummer and takes it out for sight-seeing trips. When the bank forecloses, he buys it and turns it into tenement housing, which you now pay rent to live in. Your children serve his wife tea in bed. (watering can representative of him figuratively peeing on you)

    There aren't you glad you asked?
    (thanks for the plug, Lifeshighway!)

  2. Seems like you have a pretty good insight into the dark gnome character also.

    I hate that hummer guy!

    Oh, wait, I have to run, I have tea duty, later.

  3. Hhaha...if you dress up as a gnome, maybe you can make some money selling houses :P

  4. Hmmm...well said redgirl. Of course when I saw the picture, I simply thought, "Oh crap, those gnomes are fixun for a beat down, run!"


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