Friday, November 20, 2009

Gondola Getaway

Mugshot captures a much discussed but rarely documented event. The mythical well gondolier navigates his craft through the swirly waters of a wishing well. Many have taken the journey but many never return. As evidenced by the dying blue jay, a brave wayfarer succumbing to the rigors of the hard voyage.

OK, you swabs looks like we be havin' squab for dinner tonight.


  • Wishing Well: 1 point
  • Gasping blue jay: 1 point
  • Gnome wearing a life jacket: 4 points

Subtotal: 6 points

Creativity Bonus

For the windswept hair of the gondolier and his apparent lack of concern for bird overboard: 2 points.

Total: 8 points

Another perilous journey

Check out Mugshot's photo journal on Flickr


  1. I dunno, looks to me like the gnome is shoveling out a grave for the draped corpse of Bluey.

  2. I'm pretty sure I am seeing poling action there. Shoveling is pushing up where poling through water is pulling back.

  3. He could be just examining the hole for appropriate dimensions. Although I like your story better cause then you get to post that creepy boat ride that always scared the living snot out of me as a child.

  4. There was the teensy problem with your theory concerning why a well would be full of dirt.

    But the fact the the Willy Wonka boat ride scared you as a wee one, is just a bonus.

  5. Perhaps it is The Well Styx and Gnomey the ferryman to the other side.

  6. A brilliant and classically educated suggestion.

  7. If I remember correctly, giving points for lawn wells was the first time we personally offended someone with our game... Memaw didn't think the "tacky yard game" was very funny after that.

  8. You are correct. Memaw has a great collection that you should photograph on your trip down. She also painted her own well red.

  9. DUNNO, the look on gnome's face is rather not sure it's just a fishing trip....that WW ride was awesome...wishing I had some hot chocolate now.


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