Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cherubs - Are They Mini Angels?

When we were first developing the rules for the Lifes Highway Game, we made the decision to not count angels or saints for fear of being struck down dead by lightning. But lately cherubs have been showing up in submissions and I cannot find definitive information on whether a cherub is actually a religious icon or a cute chubby character made popular by medieval artists and Hallmark.

Shhhh... I'm hiding in the bushes and hopefully I will not be scored.


Cherub hovering in the bushes or possibly perched in a birdbath: 0 points

At this moment, I am still a little concerned about lightning.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gargoyles are Forever

A cute cottage style home with adorable gingerbread moulding

Belgian-Mom: This is the cutest house ever. It is always so clean and sunny and bright., apparently it's being turned into 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

Let's take a closer look:

Gargoyles have invaded the home and brought heinous artificial flowers with them.


  • Matching gargoyles: 2 points
  • Artificial flowers, baskets, wreaths and topiary: 0 points (but I am not fond of them)
Subtotal: 2 points

Creativity Bonus

For adding the extra spice of the doorway guardians amongst all that sugary sweetness: 1 point.

Total: 3 points

For those of you who did not get the Mockingbird reference... cue the theme song.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Patio Delight

As was mentioned yesterday, The Higher Power and I were up in the Baltimore area. We did not traverse any real rural roads so I was highly disappointed in missing examples of Maryland garden artistry but we were delighted to find that the spirit is alive and well in suburban apartment patios. So as not to be biased on rural collections:


  • 2 swans: 2 points

  • 1 frog: 1 point
Subtotal: 3 points

Creativity Bonus

For the pure joy of finding yard art in the chosen apartment complex of The Higher Power: 2 points

Total: 5 points

Expect field reports from the greater Baltimore area.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Something Must Be In the Water

The Higher Power and I were apartment shopping in the Baltimore area this past weekend and stumbled upon this disturbing development:

I don't know what kind of elven Miracle Grow additives are used there but apparently the gnomes grow so large they walk right into your office and plunk themselves down on your counter top. And, I might add, they bring along animal friends who cannot be fed. So as you are trying to work the gargantuan woodland musician is tooting annoyingly on his pipe and you get the added privilege of watching his companions slowly starve to death.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Framing, The Final Detail

Farm yard themes are fairly common in garden artistry presentations. This particular collection ensnares each animal grouping in its very own tiny fencing.

  • 2 pigs & 4 piglets: 6 points
  • Frog: 1 point
  • 6 chickens & 4 chicks: 10 points
  • 3 Ducks: 3 points
  • 2 Deer (trapped by their own greed for landscaping and my day lilies): 2 points
  • Birdbath: 1 point
  • Dual birdhouses: 0 points
Subtotal: 23 points

Creativity Bonus

As an entire collection it is not very inspiring. But for the framing of each individual little animal group without inter-species mingling: 2 points

Total: 25 points

sniff, our first OCD yard entry.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Giraffes Like to Party

Our old friends are back dressed for a luau. You may remember their festive attire for Christmas, St. Patrick's and Easter but I suspect they are having a Hawaiian party and the refreshments may include a left-over Easter egg.

Belgian-Mom submits the following photo taken in broad daylight:


  • 2 costumed giraffes: 4 points
  • egg: 0 points

Subtotal: 4 points

Creativity Bonus

If they only we had a little pig on a spit or a grass skirt... 0 points

(I am beginning to suspect that these giraffes have a drinking problem. We have seen them quite a bit but not once have they attempted to stand.)

Total: 4 points

Dudes, you guys need to sober up.

Your assignment: African safari lawn art.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Junior Atlas

I do not understand the rhyme or reason behind the motivation of yard statuary artists. Not the people who collect and display their finds, I get them. They like it, they buy it and they determine how to work the item into their own private collection. But what would possess an artist to create a little man or boy wearing what looks to be a platter on his head? Is he missing a globe or better yet a reflective orb?

Belgian-Mom submits the following for counting:


  • 3 black geese (a little creepy looking) 3 points

  • 3 deer: 3 points

  • Blue gazing globe: 1 point

  • Little guy with his platter: 1 point
Subtotal: 8 points

Creativity Bonus

This is a typical country grouping without sparks of brillance (except for puchasing the plate wearing kid): 0 points

Total: 8 points

A suggestion would be to add a frog or an eagle on the kid's platter.

Monday, April 20, 2009

And Don't You Forget My Unicorns

A long time ago, when the Earth was green
There was more kinds of animals
than you've ever seen
They'd run around free while the Earth was being born
And the loveliest of all was the unicorn - Shel Silverstein
eventer79 submits the following magical yard for scoring:


  • Lopsided windmill: 1 point
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa: 1 point
  • Little tiny glazing globe: 1 point
  • Lighthouse: 1 point
  • Little plaque depicting the same lighthouse (hee): 1 point
  • Sad bent whirligig (must have been the same storm that hit the windmill): 1 point
  • 2 Dutch kissing couples in red and blue (Kitsch Factor): 6 points
  • Gargoyle: 1 point (dark forces at play)
  • Magical unicorn on the well house (where else could you display such a treasure): 1 point
  • 2 little birdbaths framing the unicorn: 2 points
  • 2 Winnie the Poohs (2 Poohs are better than one): 2 points
  • Children under a umbrella: 1 point

Subtotal: 19 points

Creativity Bonus

It's a unicorn. Unicorns fight the darkness brought up by random gargoyles: 4 points. Why ...because its a unicorn. And I am a girl.

Total: 23 points

Please enjoy:

Thanks eventer79 for the u-neee-corn.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flushing the Evidence

As soon as I announce the counting status of the garden globe, reflective orb, mirrored ball (whatever)...

Some people take upon themselves to jettison the evidence.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dread and Fear

Those poor children huddled, lonely and terrified under the scant protection offered by the birdbath (and not a very original birdbath either) What scares them? Why is everyone huddled so tightly together gathering courage from the collective whole?

Watch out gazing globe, shiny ball, reflective orb ... IT'S THE CRABGRASS... RUN... (or fall over and roll)

Belgian-Mom submits:

  • 5 children: 5 points + 1 point for out of scale grouping
  • Fake pine tree: 1 point
  • 2 mini adult figures: 1 point
  • Birdbath: 1 point
  • Shiny ball: 1 point
Subtotal: 10 points

Creativity Bonus

For having an entire colony of little people crammed up under a birdbath while the rest of the yard remains bare: 1 point

Total: 11 points

I am now counting gazing balls because I can no longer ignore them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saddle Up and Move 'em Out

Sometimes a yard grouping tells a clear story and sometimes the story may be there but I don't have a clue what it is.
eventer79 comments: The giant chicken may be have been giant, but it did NOT have a saddle!! Plus lighthouse, guy on a tractor cutout, angel on a stick, people on a bench, and lumpy snail thing by wood bench.
  • Lighthouse (it's functioning but hey not on the coast keeping boats from a rocky shoal): 1 point
  • Cute little people on bench: 1 point
  • Chicken (with saddle, since its part of the statuette it is technically not dressed): 1 point
  • Whirligig: 1 point
  • Angel or fairy princess on a stick: 1 point
  • Lumpy thing: 1 point

Subtotal: 5 point

Creativity Bonus

For the Yellow Submarine surreality of the whirligig guy and his mounted chicken buddy under the beacon of an inland lighthouse: 1 point

Total: 6 points

If you are going to saddle up a chicken, you really should ride it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Going Dutch

There comes a point in some relationships when you just stay together for the convenience. You both want to live in this flower bed, neither of you are willing to move to another spot in the yard. So you turn from one another and pretend the other one isn't there - eternally kissing the air.


  • 3 Deer: 3 points
  • 2 whirligigs: 2 points
  • a wire tricycle thingy: 1 point
  • Angel: 0 points
  • Cherub reading a crazy eight ball: 1 point
  • Lighthouse: 1 point
  • Kitschy Dutch People: 3 points

Subtotal: 11 points

Creativity Bonus

For the placement of the Dutch couple permanently shunning the affection of the other: 1 point

Total: 12 points

She no longer likes him like that.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Magesty Thy Name is Frog

Once in a while an animal is born that is so noble, so noteworthy, so majestic that its very image must be carved from sacred Jade found.... well not in North Carolina anyway.

And there is also this frog who is perched on the personal favorite of Along Life's Highway: if you did not already know - the seahorse birdbath.
Eventer79 comments: Not ONLY a seahorse birdbath, but one with a frog perched in it that looks like he is about to spit a projectile lugey!
  • Seahorse birdbath (in yellow which is a nice change from the usual red and blue): 3 points
  • Blue blooded Frog: 1 point
Subtotal: 4 points

Creativity Bonus

1 point is awarded for placing the the frog, who is too good for us and will probably projectile spit, in a birdbath pedestal.

Total: 5 points.

Lugey did not pass the spell check. Only check out the spelling in the Urban Dictionary if you are brave-hearted or you have already eaten. Consider yourself warned.

Happy Belated Easter

While I was suffering from lack of motivation the holiday giraffes put on another seasonal outfit.

Belgian-Mom submits a photo of our gaily garbed unofficial mascots:


2 giraffes: 4 points ( 1 point each for being dressed)

Creativity Bonus

For the various sized Easter Eggs displayed with the giraffes who rock garland: 2 points

Total: 6 points.

I am looking for suggestions on names for our festive friends.

Friday, April 3, 2009

2009 a Yard Odyssey

The Dawn of Man

Ba ba ba bah-bah

Belgian-Mom comments on her yard submittal:

They are ginormous rocks (probably about 8-10 feet tall)
that are lit up at night. Strange.


2 rocks: 0 points (natural items are not counted in the game)

Creativity Bonus

Gigantic rocks displayed dramatically with outdoor lighting: 0 points. I could have been moved to assign points for a laser show or changing colored lights. Great photo though!

Total: 0 points But very entertaining

(For those of you who would enjoy watching the best movie opening of all time:)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Circles and Arrows

Fasten your seat belts. It's going to be a bumpy night - Margo Channing

Belgian-Mom has submitted the upcoming yard for scoring. I will give you a moment to hazard a guess.
If you were ever annoyed as a kid in the doctor's office where some kid spoiled the fun and circled all the stuff in the Hidden Searches:

Belgian-Mom comments are in blue and my comments are in red.

Get ready for for 24, 8x10 color glossy photographs with circles and arrows.........

Starting on the left side:

1. Silver metal kettle used as flower pot. I like random things used as planters - 1 point
2. Bird whirligig. - 1 point
3. Post with two birdhouses (I'm going to fight for these points because they
are incorporated into the design of the yard. ) I agree they made a birdhouse display tower: 1 point
4. Wooden white rooster at bottom of post with birdhouses. - 1 point
5. Dutch boy and girl kissing. Kitsch Factor - 3 points
6. Two standing adult deer. - 2 points
7. One baby deer lying down. - 1 points
8. There is some sort of spotted animal in between the two deer
that is holding a sign with the last name of the owners. (Sorry but I did a second reconnaissance of the site but could not identify the creature, as the owner was standing outside. - Good effort! It looks like a cow hatching out of a spotted egg - 1 point
9. Two large grayish black geese. Odd colored geese - 2 points
10. Frog couple sitting on bench with umbrella. Kitsch Factor - 3 points
11. Cowboy silhouette on house. - our first silhouette, these are real common near the coast: 1 point
12. Two white wooden roosters in bushes in front of white trellis fence. - 2 points
13. Birdbath that appears to resemble a flower. - 1 point
14. Cow lying down in front of birdbath. He appears dead to me, would be better if his feet were pointing up to the sky, I would have given you an extra point for that: 1 point
15. Big grayish black goose in front of flagpole. Again with the weird color - 1 point
16. White wooden rooster at base of flagpole. They like roosters - 1 point
17. Three GIANT tires used as planters. YEAH! I have been waiting patiently for tires to be submitted - 3 points
18. White wooden water fowl that appears to be a swan. At least its not a weird color - 1 point
19. Two silver kettles that are stacked on top of each other to form a lovely two tier planter.
I think those are pots or planters and I think it might be a cute idea: 0 points

There is also what looks like a pig silhouette by the gas tank and the cowboy: 1 point

Subtotal: 28 points

Creativity Bonus

For the overall presentation: 1 point. I didn't see anything that really moved me except sheer volume.

Total: 29 points

Why oh why, didn't they paint the tires white and peel them back like a ripe banana. Now you're talking sheer artistry there.