Friday, July 31, 2009

Always a Bridesmaid

Requiring months of starvation, the bikini bridal attire was a lot to ask of Esmeralda's girl friends. But Debbie thought the tong overstepped their friendship.
If I still had a butt, I would be so picking this little red string out of it.

  • 3 garden rakes dressed: 6 points
Subtotal: 6 points

Creativity Bonus

For 3 garden tools dressed in colors to accent a stunning hedge of hydrangeas and the for the totally inexplicable reason for doing so: 3 points

Total: 9 points

I think the veils are a nice touch to formalize the event.

To view other Pascal Kestemont's spectacular garden photos (link)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Totem Art

"John, Did you place those exquisite pieces we bought on vacation out in the front lawn like I told you?"

yeah, yeah... I put 'em out.


  • Ring around the rosie pedestal: 1 point
  • Atlas holding the world or maybe a harpy with wingspan birdbath: 1 point
  • Man astride an eagle triumphantly waving a feather while balanced on a cake: 1 point
Subtotal: 3 points

Creativity Bonus

For the space saving option of stacking all of your fine statuary in one place to keep me from having to view your entire yard to admire them: 3 points.

Total: 6 points

Just because you have a fancy pedestal doesn't mean you have to go crazy with it.

    Wednesday, July 29, 2009

    Squirrels With Chips on Their Shoulders

    We don't see a whole lot of chain saw yard art in my neck of the woods. You have to travel further west to say, Grandfather Mountain to get good rough-hewn lawn ornaments. Usually you can find a lot of bears or wolves for sale on the side of the road so I'm glad to see some people have expanded their repertoire.

    The Squirrel King is satisfied with your corn offering. There will be no corncob stabbing this day.

    • Large squirrel: 1 point
    • Smaller minion squirrel (out of proportion bonus): 2 points
    • Ear of corn: 1 point
    • Flag name plate: 0 points
    Subtotal: 4 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For sword wielding defender of the maize: 1 point

    Total: 5 points

    Do not anger the Squirrel King with your acorn jests.

    Tuesday, July 28, 2009

    Silver Bull

    When displaying valuable object d'art staging and presentation becomes extremely important.

    tackyjulie shares her important archaeological discovery:

      Not only does he have a full-sized bull statue (painted silver), but there is a bird cage with a small bird in it hanging from one of his horns. Inexplicable, yet strangely appealing. He's also got a 1957 pink Cadillac convertible in the carport.

    Rope added later for additional security


    • Giant silver bull with bird cage accessory : 2 points + 1 point
    • Rusted back end of a tractor?: 0 points
    • Milk crate planter: 0 points

    Subtotal: 3 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For witnessing the final decline of a once great Bull God reduced to living in an overgrown yard chained to rusty agricultural equipment and suffering eternal tweeting: 4 points

    Total: 7 points

    Receiver of the Golden Manatee of Creative excellence

    Monday, July 27, 2009

    Nashville - The Slaughter Continues

    We took a break from the Nashville point massacre but now it is time to return to the scene of the crime and visit next door.

    eventer79: They have not yet achieved their neighbor's greatness, but still......

    ouch, I'm glad I am just the score keeper

    Score (going right to left this time) eventer79 provides score commentary & my comments are in red
    • Boy and girl reclining: 1 point
    • Angel with harp: 0 points
    • Thoughtful fairy with bird feather wings and bird friend: 1 point
    • Fairy with wire wings: 1 point
    • Mournful frogs (kitsch): 3 points
    • Giant raccoon eyeing....
    • Tasty fairy on a pedestal: 2 points
    • A fallen thing that may be related to...
    • Three dark squirrels: 3 points
    • Fairy with harp: 1 point
    • Buck, doe, and fawn (exact same airbrushed set that neighbour has, maybe
    • there was a sale): 3 points (very elegant... for deer statues)
    • Kissing children on bench (way too young for that!): 1 point
    • Girl with purse: 1 point
    • Gnome: 4 points
    • Green gazing ball: 1 point
    • Squirrel pair (looks like they are carrying a bomb box): 1 point
    • Giant harp angel: 0 points
    • Leaning lighthouse: 1 point
    • Unfortunate bird who looks like a goose mated with a stork who mated
    • with a heron (my guess is a white kiwi oh oh or an ibis): 1 point
    • 2 Windblown lions: 2 points
    • Giant angel with dove: 1 point
    • Coy fairy: 1 point
    • St Francis with dove: 0 points
    • Enormous baby, probably ate the rest of St Francis' animals (again with the red pedestal): 1 point
    • Lab with lantern and two pups (been seeing this a lot lately): 1 point
    • Little girl with doll, possibly pondering eating well-fed baby: 1 point
    • Boy in hat with dog, talking to bird in hand (what he is not taking to a potato?): 1 point

    second picture

    • Owl with two babies: 1 point
    • Turtle: 1 point
    • Two Disdainful frogs: 2 points
    • Waving polar bear, trying to flag down passing cars to take him
    • someplace colder: 1 point
    • Frogs on a bench (kitsch factor): 3 points
    • Miniature pelican: 1 point
    • Chameleon (or blue jay): 1 point
    • Cardinal: 1 point
    • Fairy under birdbath: 1 point
    • Child with snowballs ambushing bear: 1 point
    • Deer-hog-elephant like animals with star necklaces (it WAS fourth of July): 2 points
    • Two children behind bush: 1 point
    • Fairy: 1 point
    • Polka dotted frog: 1 point
    Subtotal: 51 points

    Creativity Bonus

    As mass collections go, this display is a pretty gone one. It is unfortunate the poor collector lives next door to the greatest yard of all time (so far). But not one piece is outstanding in its own right and the grouping is not inspired. 0 points

    Total: 51 points

    To follow the blood trail:

    Nashville the Mini-series part 1

    Nashville the Mini-series part 2
    Nashville the Mini-series part 3

    Sunday, July 26, 2009


    Gerald always enjoyed getting a spot of sun in the garden with his best friends.

    Dowse the lamp, Gerald... you know it always draws the neighbors.

    • Duck: 1 point
    • Deer: 1 point
    • Gnome: 4 points
    • Mini Gnome: 4 points
    • Rooster on a stick: 1 point
    • 3 flowers on a stick: 3 points
    • Trellis covered in plastic roses: 0 points

    Subtotal: 14 points

    Creativity Bonus

    um... I'm sorry I can't concentrate.

    Total: 14 points

    The elderly are drawn to the light like moths.

    Friday, July 24, 2009

    Snow White's Entourage

    Snow White's spear of influence grows ever widening. Not only does her Inner Seven stay close at hand but now she has tiny minions hovering under foot awaiting orders.

    Snow White has given up her taste for birds, bunnies and bambis at least... as friends


    • Snow White: 1 point
    • 7 dwarfs / henchmen: 7 points
    • Bear on the lookout: 1 point
    • Scout on horseback: 1 point
    • 1 suspicious elf hiding in the back: 1 point
    • Angel (you don't fool me, princess): 0 points
    • Pot on docking pole pedestal(?): 0 points
    • 7 gnomes / mini-henchmen: 28 points (score!)
    Subtotal: 39 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the gathering of troops to fit within the boundaries of her flower bed kingdom: 1 point.

    Total: 40 points

    Ride Cowboy Bob, ride... the boys are looking mighty hungry.

    Where are your little forest friends now, hmm?

    To see other Valerie Everette photo offerings link here.

    Thursday, July 23, 2009

    Cats and Gnomes - The Final Chapter

    And lo the Hell Cat was summoned to the Overworld to seek revenge upon the tormentor in aid of all his feline brethren...

    At least that is what Snookums said.

    Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Necessity is the Mother of Invention

    Say what you want about us Southerners but we do know how fix things when we have a shortfall.

    Hose reel is busted, heck we'll just use the deer over there. Wait, some of the deer are missin' their legs ... shoooot, just put 'em on blocks.


    • 4 deer: 4 points
    • Garden hose: 0 points (but part of the overall decor)
    • 2 synchronized toilets (because well what else do you do with extra toilets?): 2 points
    Subtotal: 6 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the overall ambiance of rural southern culture: 1 point

    Total: 7 points

    For other fine photo journalism on the south visit Brent and Marilynn at Flickr

    Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    The Purple House - Part 2

    Lola Nova is back in the game with more entries from the Kool-Aid colored house in Oregon.

      "Is it a retirement home for yard art? In any case...The carnage continues..."

    Score (list provided by Lola Nova, my comments are in red)

    • 6 birdbaths (+1 for the fish throwing up in its bowl on the left): 7 points
    • 1 Dutch girl: 1 point
    • 1 windmill: 1 point
    • 1 sleepy sombrero guy: 1 point
    • 2 deer in Xmas light bondage (score! holiday bonus) 14 + 2 points
    • 2 bunnies: 2 point
    • 1 turtle: 1 point
    • 1 frog trapped on a lily pad: 1 point
    • 1 frog crooning under an umbrella or mushroom? (kitsch factor with added delight of missing lover frog) 3 points
    • 1 tree stump gnome house with extra gnome: 1 + 4 points
    • 1 squirrel: 1 point
    2nd pic
    • 1 pillar with old kettle full of plastic flowers: 1 point
    • 1 urn of sedums: 0 points
    • 1 birdbath: 1 point
    • 1 creepy head escaping from wall (ahhhh!, I'm OK now... there is another ): 2 points
    • 1 golden chipmunk (it’s no golden manatee) - true, so true: 1 point
    • and tons of old watering cans - (0 points)
    Subtotal: 44 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the Quato effect in the retaining wall... which I did not appreciate: 2 points

    Total: 46 points

    open your mind to me

    Monday, July 20, 2009

    Double Indemnity - Chicken Noir

    Anyone who grew up with me knows I have a general mistrust of chickens. And to join the spirit of today's entry, I find poultry most fowl.

    eventer79 comments and submits:
      "Don't "cluck" with this chicken couple or they'll "flock" you up! Observe Mr. Goose who hasn't made good on his "bill." As Mme. Chicken explains to her man, "That'll teach him to 'wing' it!" And as a bonus, check out who's hiding in the hydrangeas behind the car!!!! Score!!! (Actually, I didn't even see him when I was taking the pictures)"

    "Yes, I killed him. I killed him for money - and a woman - and I didn't get the money and I didn't get the woman. Pretty, isn't it? "
    Tar Heel detective investigating the crime. Gnome in witness protection


    • Rooster: 1 point
    • Chicken: 1 point
    • Decapitated goose: 1 point
    • Wheelbarrow suitable for body removal: 0 points
    • Ram: 1 point
    • Bunny: 1 point
    • Gnome in hiding: 4 points
    Subtotal: 9 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For slaughter of Mr Goose by rotten to the core poultry: 2 points

    Total: 11 points

    Hen: We're both rotten.
    Rooster: Only you're a little more rotten.

    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    Realization Through Meditation

    Sebastian practiced his meditation exercises everyday

    I will achieve my goal through visualization

    If we only knew what he is trying to visualize...

    Thanks Apolloguy7

    Friday, July 17, 2009

    Florida Revisited

    Several talented photographers have submitted their photos to be scored in the Life's Highway game. d/iowa is one of them. She entered a beautifully cropped and balanced photograph suitable for a magazine spread... then she began to realize our little game is all about points.

    So in the spirit of the recount whose precedent was set by Our First Scandal - CSI North Carolina

    The recount

    Score (for the remaining points)

    • 5 kids of which 2 are of the hallelujah variety: 5 points
    • 2 highly indiscreet elves: 2 points
    • Bunny: 1 point
    • 3 cats: 3 points
    • Santa and Ninja Santa: 17 points (holiday bonus - score!)
    • Another elf: 1 point
    • Gnome: 4 points
    • Lighthouse: 1 point
    • Pelican: 1 point
    • Maid with goosing geese: 1 point
    • Cherub with broken gazing globe: 1 point for the broken orb
    • Easter Bunny with disturbing growth between its legs (holiday bonus): 3 points
    • Angel and Madonna: 0 points
    • Deer: 1 point

    Subtotal: 40 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For a mass collection where every discernible empty surface has been stuffed with plastic flowers: 1 point

    Total: 41 points

    Everyone should be grateful that The Higher Power has not turned her unforgiving eyes our way.

    Thursday, July 16, 2009

    A Fine Driving Horse

    Last week a new award was announced to recognize those game players who discover an artistic presentation so exciting that total creativity points must be awarded: the golden manatee

    cristoba has relented to play Life's Highway game with the following selection:

    Giddy up there, Trigger


    • Palomino pony: 1 point
    • Beaver: 1 point
    • Windmill: 0 points (it may be functioning)
    • Pony cart: 1 point
    • OMG, sock monkey (sorry, over-excited): 1 point

    Subtotal: 4 points

    Creativity Bonus

    It's a sock monkey. A sock monkey driving a pony cart while carrying a fire bucket... for the amusement of a beaver: 4 points

    Total: 8 points

    dont, cry... I know I know, but you earned it.

    Thank you eventer79 for creating the great golden manatee graphic.

    You can see cristoba's other photo offerings by linking here

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    The Cow Whisperer

    Eli knew with the right amount of coaxing, he could get Bessie to jump through the hoop.

    Tuesday, July 14, 2009

    Typical Yard in the Midwest

    Here we have a typical yard in the suburbs of Missouri.

    eventer79 comments and submits:

    This brown bear has decided to hell with trying to grab salmon with your teeth,all you get is fins in your gums and wet, smelly fur.
    This yard also has lab + lantern and two puppies,
    birdbath with squirrel,
    3 plastic geese
    other birdbath which had three squirrels chasing each other around the tree trunk, stupid fence was in the way.

    OK, let's take a look

    Bear fishing with a popeil pocket fisherman and prerequisite plastic flowers

    Geese warily eyeing suspicous growths on very tall bird bath

    Bird feeder wearing tinfoil hat to protect seeds from alien mind control

    • Chain saw crafted bear: 1 point
    • 3 geese: 3 points
    • 2 birdbaths: 2 points
    • Lab and puppy begging for mercy: 1 point
    • Bird feeder with aluminum mind deflector: 0 points

    Subtotal: 7 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For luring squirrels into a suspected alien abducting center by placing decoys around your birdbaths and feeders: 1 point

    Total: 8 points

    You can never be too diligent

    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    How Secure is First Place?

    A challenge has been thrown to our current leader by a dark horse player.

    d/iowa submits the following and issues a warning:
    just wait till my road trip from Atlanta to Iowa- I'm gonna steal first place!

    Superior alien cat is offended by the decor and the empty headed bunny. Do not force her to burn him again.

    • Tall regal kitty, who is too good for this: 1 point
    • 3 rabbits of various sizes: 3 points
    • Cowering hiding dog: 1 point
    • Meaningful Brown dog wishing to help the situation: 1 point
    • Snowman head on a stick(with the price tag still visible.): 1 point
    • Holiday Bonus in July!!!: 7 points
    subtotal: 14 points


    For the capture of an elegant cyan art deco cat within a stone ring of power and forcing the feline to live among perceived inferiors who enjoy a plastic flower or two. 2 points

    Total: 16 points

    You can catch her d/iowa but it will not be easy.

    Saturday, July 11, 2009

    Swingers of the Animal Kingdom

    The animals of the forest neighborhood got together for a little social mixer.

    Hey y'all watch this

    Lovely day for an outing.


    Apparently, wolves are not cut out for the swingers lifestyle.

    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Beary Personal

    Back when I was a kid, the spay/neuter trend was almost non-existent. In fact in the backwoods and rural parts of North Carolina it is still non-existent. Anyway, during my childhood is was not unusual to be scarred for life by viewings of doggie love and once in a while dog "relations" would be present in the background of family photos.

    Changing the subject, bear yard art is quite common in other parts of the country and...

    Art Collection

    hey! stop that.


    2 bears (black variety): 2 points
    2 bears (polar variety): 2 points
    1 bear (Grizzly dressed variety): 2 points
    2 nervous deer: 2 point
    Rock art chicken: 1 point
    Plastic flowers: 0 points (I just like pointing them out)

    subtotal: 10 points

    Creativity Bonus

    2 points for a bear collection. I will disregard the forbidden love.

    Total: 12 points

    Thus concludes today's lesson on Bears in North America.

    Thank you diffuse for playing along.

    Thursday, July 9, 2009

    And the Band Played On

    We interrupt this journey for a brief musical interlude

    passengers are required to hold onto their souls

    Management is not responsible for contracts made with the devil, voices in your head or a strange desire to dance naked in the forest.

    Wednesday, July 8, 2009

    Nashville - The Mini Series - Part 3

    To continue the blood bath that is Nashville... Take it away eventer79

    Now we move up on to the porch and include the second birdbath as well. Although the porch holds the ultimate item -- I think there should be a special category for gilded marine mammals

    Score (list provided by eventer79, my comments are in red)

    Birdbath (again with the plastic flowers) includes slightly disgruntled girl pouring water
    Goose at base & animal in her water vat?: 1 point for the birdbath where is the goose?

    Behind her:
    Another constipated lion (snort): 1 point
    Goose and two babies: 3 points
    Frog in one of those straw hats with a ribbon (a boater): 1 point
    Dog with a bone: 1 point
    Four rabbits: 1 point
    Large brown rabbit (what not a hare?): 1 point
    Another puppy with bone (he got cut off in editing) - (please you expect me to actually trust you?): 0 points

    On the porch:
    Wait for it.....wait for it..........YES
    It's a giant golden manatee!!!!!! (with child): 1 point
    Little child Defender of Manatees with Defending Stick: 1 point
    Angel behind manatee: 0 points
    Two doves: 2 points
    Fairy child: 1 point
    Angel: 0 points

    subtotal: 13 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the owning and displaying of a giant golden manatee: 4 points

    Total: 17 points

    Maximum count for Nashville House #1: 117 points

    Henceforth all maximum creativity bonuses shall be decreed a golden manatee.

    For any of you Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel users: submit your rendition of a golden manatee to be used on auspicious awarding days. I'll choose the best one.... or make my own -no pressure.

    Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    World Domination

    To cleanse your palette after the point massacre of the past few days.

    For a moment, Ernest questioned his master plan

    Nashville - The Mini Series - Part 2

    Day 2 of the fantastical Nashville Tour. Same house as yesterday but we have moved onto the right side of the front yard.

    eventer79: Now, we are going to skip over the porch itself and score the other side

    Score (as listed by eventer79, my comments are in red)

    - Two beagle pups (wrapped around a tiny birdbath): 1 point
    - A stranded swordfish: 1 point
    - Labrador with lantern and pup (maybe dad and brother?): 2 points
    - Battered firedog (hat not detachable): 1 point
    - Fox on a stump (eyeing the bunnies across the walk, no doubt): 1 point
    - Harp angel with spawn on skirt (great word "spawn"): 0 points
    - Two huggy children: 1 point
    - Hare (because it is not a rabbit): 1 point
    - Two bunnies carrying a stump?: 1 point
    - Tiny bunny: 1 point
    - Large brown duck, looks like a blue-winged teal: 1 point
    - Two boys with hats (one of the boys seems to be a Scot): 2 points
    - Reading fairy: 1 point
    - Glassy-eyed rabbit (as opposed to a hare): 1 point
    - Angel checking the tune on her mandolin: 0 points
    - Two frogs on a bench, one cradling his newly broken heart: (kitsch): 3 points
    - Goose: 1 point
    - Gnome with wheelbarrow (full of toys, who is he kidding): 4 points
    - Squirrel with plans: 1 point
    - Another large squirrel: 1 point
    - Elf-eared gnome (these seem to be weird hybrid elf-gnomes): 4 points
    - Girl fairy: 1 point
    - Panting lab mix: 1 point
    - Boy with no eyes (disturbing): 1 point
    - Mallard: 1 point
    - Poodle with Rocky Horror makeup: 1 point
    - Frogs arguing on a bench (kitsch factor): 3 points
    - Buck: 1 point
    - Frog: 1 point
    - Girl with no eyes (these vacant-faced children are quite creepy!): 1 point
    - Two angry owls (who who damn it): 2 points
    - Oddly graceful doe: 2 points
    - Gnome with watering can: 4 points
    - Christmas girl and boy dancing the jitterbug: 2 points
    - Another frog: 1 point
    - Cat (bewildered): 1 point
    - Bear hugging flower (I am embarrassed for him): 1 point
    - Lantern (could be functional): 0 points
    - Boy with dog: 1 point
    - Lighthouse: 1 point

    Subtotal: 55 points

    Creativity Bonus

    A mass-collection without any distinquishable points of interest. There were a few almost-Christmas decoration that slightly raised my eyebrow but all in all not inspired. 0 points

    Today's total: 55 points

    Running total on entire yard: 100 points

    Sniff, I am so proud.

    Sunday, July 5, 2009

    Nashville - The Mini-series - Part 1

    eventer79 has been on holiday in Nashville and took time out from a romantic weekend to maintain her impressive lead in the Life's Highway Game.

    Score (as presented by eventer79)

    - Happy goose at end of downspout: 1 point
    - Goose with pink mohawk: 1 point
    - 2 Shy squirrels in the back: 2 points
    - Constipated lion: 1 point
    - Goose behind lion digging for lion turds: (tsk, nice) 1 point
    - Trepidatious spaniel behind lion: 1 point
    - Momma bunny and surprised baby: 2 points
    - Triumphant (and enormous!) raccoon eyeing the nuts dropped by...
    - Girl with apron: 2 points
    - Lowrider frog peeping over bricks: 1 point
    - Reclining frog who appears rather gay: 1 point
    - Kitty bleeding from ear: 1 point
    - Jr raccoon looks like he has to pee: 1 point
    - Angel blessing... (there is another creature behind her but I can't id it)
    - Boy with basket who looks annoyed that his mother made him get his basket blessed: 1 point
    - Smug fawn: 1 point
    - Posing smutty fairy under birdbath: 1 point
    - Girl with basket avoiding angel duties: 1 point
    - Rooster: 1 point
    - Landbound lighthouse: 1 point
    - Less smug fawn, may be lovechild of a rabbit father: 1 point
    - Bunny in front of fawn, perhaps a half-sibling?: 1 point
    - Child reading book with hands over ears to hide cacophany of animal mayhem surrounding her: 1 point
    - Two pigs: 2 points
    - Cherub in birdbath praying for...
    - Three frogs: 3 points
    - Bunny and
    - Duckling at base of birdbath (which by the way is surrounded by plastic flowers): 2 points
    - Three children and puppy on bench. One child appears to be the third wheel, hence the backseat: 1 point
    - Reading girl dreaming of flying out of this madness: 1 point
    - Very fat goose: 1 point
    - Another smug and rather scheming-looking fawn: 1 point
    - Cherub who also has to pee (this area may be over-watered): 0 points
    - Labrador and pup: 1 point
    - Minnie Mouse (who invited her to this monochrome party???): 1 point
    - Cherub removing earring: 0 points
    - Gnome reading under a mushroom, annoyed by his noisy neighbours -- he'd almost finished
    "The Inferno": 4 points (corrected)
    - Boy and girl on swing: 1 point

    Subtotal: 42 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the smugness factor of the deer clique and the apparent lack of bathrooms for the rest of the population: 3 points

    Total: 45 points

    Stay tuned for Nashville - The Yard Art Strikes Back

    Saturday, July 4, 2009

    Watermelon Boy

    Most families will be cooking out or enjoying other outdoor activities today. What summertime fun could be complete without the cutting open of an ice cold watermelon.

    um....Happy Forth of July, y'all?

    You can find it on ebay: (ebay link) If you buy, put it in your yard and photograph it...I'll give you maximum points.

    I grew up in the south and I have never seen one of these.

    Friday, July 3, 2009

    Our House Is A Very Very Very Fine House - Part 1

    I've heard tales about a house in Oregon. Whispers on the wind traveling amongst the fellow yard and lawn enthusiasts. A place where genius overruns with a sheer will to own every single item ever sold designed to plunk down in your garden.

    lolanova comments and submits:

    There seems to be some sort of diabolical gathering at the home for wayward yard art.

    Score (provided by lolanova, my comments are in red)

    1 donkey with cart (he'll never be able to get his load of rusty horse shoes through that rose bush): 3 points
    3 ducks: 3 points
    4 geese (mama and 3 babies): 4 points
    4 birdbaths (filled with sundry baubles and sea related items): 4 points
    2 urns with dinner plates and dead plants (hee, I do that too): 2 points
    1 kind of nefarious badger type creature (perhaps a sea lion?): 1 point
    1 squirrel: 1 point
    1 lighthouse with sea cottage attached: 1 point
    1 little red headed girl being swallowed by a carnivorous plant ( I hate when that happens): 1 point
    1 wooden fox/dog? staring at the
    2 naked boys who are also being leered at by
    1 cherub who is about to be pecked by
    1 swan: 1 point, 2 points, 0 points, 1 point
    1 girl pulling up her dress over the dis-embodied heads of
    3 most likely cherubs: 1 point
    2 brightly painted frogs: 2 points
    1 big dog with a basket of frog in his mouth: 1 point
    2 flamingos: 1 point
    1 eyeless ghost child doing the hand jive (ok, she is pretty scary): 1 point
    1 completely terrified religious statue: 0 points
    1 red dragon (I love this): 1 point
    1 mushroom: 1 point
    1 unidentified woodland critter: 1 point
    1 man in hat hiding from the dragon behind an old washtub: 1 point
    and 2 wooden tulips for good measure: 2 points

    Subtotal: 34 points

    Creativity Bonus

    The nerve of this home owner allowing flowers to grow up and block parts of that glorious collection. What do they think this is anyway a garden? 2 points for mass collection.

    Total: 36 points

    Check out lolanova's spectacular Hen Taj Mahal I think the chickens need a gnome, just sayin'

    Wednesday, July 1, 2009

    They Call It Turtle Love

    When accepting invitations to social functions parameters and expectations must be set.

    International Flower Spy submits:

    Kermit accepted to join the Turtle Brothers in a foursome assuming they meant a round of golf. That was his first mistake... there would be others.


    • 3 turtles: 3 points
    • Remorseful Frog: 1 point
    Subtotal: 4 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the inappropriate turtle love trust upon an unsuspecting amphibian: 2 points

    Total: 6 points

    You know, Kermit never liked golf that much anyway.

    Brown Dog Garden

    I have very strict rules as to what yard art items are counted in the game. I do not count rocks, stumps or infestations.

    CTWD comment and submits:
    "I realize that live objects are not really considered yard art but this is just too cute."
    If you don't pull those weeds out by the roots they just keep coming back.

    Score: 0 points

    Nice try CTWD, but my heart is harden to chocolate cuteness. And someone tell Fred, that he didn't get the memo, it is red collar day at the job.

    Boykin Spaniel garden located in Blythewood, South Carolina.