Thursday, December 31, 2009

Results: Most Creative

The Most Creative category required much thought, overview and debate between the judges. Creative is not always a massive collection, although it can be. Creative may be one perfectly placed item, or an unusual grouping or maybe a story told by the presentation. These collections presented the most emotional impact.

First Place: Shrinapalooza

submitted by Lola Nova

Not a collection, more of a performance art; the home made yard art festooned with stones or shells transcends the mortal coil of earth. As stunning today as the day it was submitted.


Second Place - Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

submitted by Belgian Mom

Midway through the year, The Golden Manatee was introduce to represent those yards that obtained the maximum 4 point award. The Idol people were submitted before the introduction of the Golden Manatee but the display certainly warrants the award.

Question: How does one get angels scored in the Yard Art Game.
Answer: Turn them around and make Potato Heads out of them.

A Game Within A Game

Third Place - Team Gull

submitted by d/iowa

Adorable and clever, this display almost made us care about football. All those tiny uniforms, the stoic referee and the goal post in the playing field, I just want to pull up a lawn chair and watch the game. Given the lavish display of fan-dom, I predict a face-painter lives here.

Are You Ready For Some Football

Best Negotiation - CSI- North Carolina

negotiated like a tigress by Belgian Mom

Combine returning to the scene of the crime, photographing forensic evidence plus a graphic display of the miscount and you get the gist of determination of this player.

Our First Scandal - CSI North Carolina
Runner up - Rocks Still Do Not Count

Followup pictures and support by her fans in the comments section proved a valiant effort but the judge prevailed.

The Great Rock Debate

Next - A New Year and a recap of our top competitors.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Results Show - Best Yard

As judged by Life's Highway and The Higher Power. Total scores award the yards were not considered in the judging. Considerations included impact on the community, over all wow-factor and zealous determination by the artist. First and Second Place were very very close.

Best Yard - First Place

The Purple House - submitted by Lola Nova

We heard whispering on the winds of a legendary yard artist. Of a house in Oregon of unusual color and with a unheard of massive collection. The presentation at the purple house of Portland borders on obsessive/compulsion and we love it. Collective score: 155 points

Our House is a Very Very Very Fine House - Part 1

The Purple House - Part 2

The Purple House Redux

Best Yard - Second Place

The Nashville House: submitted by eventer79

The Nashville House set the standard for master artists of yard and lawn decorations. Not only gathering their own impressive collection but spawning a neighboring house. Spanning three entries, this yard scored a collective: 117 points.

Please note the gilded giant manatee with child on the front porch. The Golden Manatee is The Yard Game's symbol for maximum creativity points.

Nashville the Mini Series - Part 1

Nashville the Mini Series - Part 2

Nashville the Mini Series - Part 3

Best Yard -
Third Place

Florida House - submitted by Tim

Tim was contacted by Life's Highway early in its infansy to see if he would be interested in playing the Yard Art Game. Come on, Florida has to be a mecca of venue. Tim as a good sport submitted a swan. Then he submitted a great picture of a stuffed granny on a front porch.

um... Tim... you missed a few points. Total score on gnome fantastic yard: 126 points.

Tim was never heard of again.

Creepiest Yard
- as selected by The Higher Power
The Ambassador - Funny I thought she would pick the sock monkey.

Next up: Most Creative - Another difficult class
Best Negotiator - I wonder who it could be.

The Results Show - Part 2

And now on with The 2009 Award Show for Along Life's Highway - The Yard Art Game,

Hilde would like to present:

Most Shocking Use of a Seahorse Birdbath Bath

The poor seahorse birdbath was used and abused in the year 2009. We have had decapitations, eagles, cupids, all kinds of wildlife, broken limbs but our limit was reached in You Don't Do That
Do not showcase your predilection for naked women on my cultural southern icon, thank you.

Best Presentation of a Garden Gnome

The Wet T-Shirt Contest: You have to admit for a gnome she is putting her best assets forward

Best Wardrobe

Belgian Mom introduced us to the seasonal giraffes

yeah, we look good and your point is?

Next episode, later today:

Best Yard which is a difficult decision indeed
Creepiest Yard

Be sure to go back and read the comments. It showcases some of our competitors at their best.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Results Show - Part 1

Good Day everyone and let me welcome you to the first annual Along Life's Highway - The Yard Art Game awards ceremony and review.

Let me introduce Hilde, she will be our Master of Ceremonies. Take it away Hilde...

For the Category of Craziest Yard of 2009

Beach Blanket Bingo

Originally submitted by eventer79, this artistic display defines a level of devotion and dedication rarely witnessed in your typical neighborhood. Ugly and disturbing, one wonders: what is in the cooler?

Honorable Players

The top three winners will be saved for another entry but I would like to take the time to mention a few note worthy competitors.

d/iowa who threw down the gauntlet for first place but was slightly detained by childbirth.

Tufa Girl
Who taught us that Texans are almost psychotic about their stars.


who although not a strong submitter is a fierce negotiator, supporter and novelist (check comments).

If you have any special players you would like to mention or collections your admired away. Hilde will share the spot light.
Tomorrow: Best Yard, Creepiest Yard.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Hang On, It Is Almost Over

Holiday decorations are not scored in the Yard Art Game. We don't find it good sport. The hunt is too easy, never the less, while we are awaiting the 2009 Results Extravaganza:

d/iowa (aka Diane) submits

Hold on little Canada goose with your festive bow. The holiday riff-raff will soon be gone and the the hunt will once again be afoot.

And for those who are counting:

Goose dressed: 2 points.

Gearing up for the Year in Review

2009 has been an exciting year full of new yard art appreciation. The Life's Highway Yard Art game was introduced and has been met with a small following. Most people come and go, there is confusion, definitely yard art is an acquired taste but a few have lingered and a competition was born.

This week we will review our victors, our favorites, and many honorable mentions. If you have a suggestion for a category, please comment.

The judges meet and methodically review the past year of results. Some even dressed for the occasion.


Top Scores
Most Creative - Golden Manatees
Best Negotiation
Best Presentation of Garden Gnome
Most shocking use of seahorse birdbath
Creepiest Yard
Best Yard
Honorable Players
(added) Craziest Yard
Feel free to vote on any of these categories. You may comment or drop it in an email.

Good luck to everyone. (I can't imagine who the top player will be...)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

Here is wishing you and yours have a wonderful Christmas full of friends, family and hope.

Belgian-Mom submits:

Santa's understudies are ever hopeful that this will be the year the giraffes get to pull the sleigh.
  • 2 ever hopeful reindeer bedecked in holiday garland: 4 points
Subtotal: 4 points

Creativity Bonus

I just love holiday giraffes in festive drag: 2 points

Total: 6 points

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snow on the Roof

The boys have an announcement

Hey, You know we don't carry heaters in here. A little help, would be nice.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Is This Guy a Star?

I am not a fan of sports. In fact the only time sports have been mentioned in Life's Highway Game concerned our football playing seagulls. It is not an exaggeration to say I have no idea who the player is and feel lucky that I even know what a football uniform looks like.

Tufa Girl comments and submits (and invokes the Texas Star game):

Yard was not that exciting but then I saw Tony Romo peeking over the fence.It has been a dry week here. Any excuse to pop one.

Tony Romo peers from the side of their home. Big Brother in a helmet is watching.

Turtles madly dash away from the Tony Roma sphere of influence. Run turtles, run.


  • Star (how surprising): 1 point
  • Poster boy: 1 point
  • Giant orange butterfly: 1 point
  • Tiny red fish: 1 point
  • Birdbath with some kind of red shell thingie: 1 point ( I fear it is the third turtle brother)
  • Blue jay whirligig: 1 point
  • Turtles making a break for it: 2 points
  • Dangly spinning things: 0 points
Subtotal: 8 points

Creativity Bonus

I'm not a Texan, so I do not know if this is unusual or not, but if you have a bigger than life size poster of your favorite player plastered on the side of your house then I am going to have to give 1 point.

Total: 9 points

Question: Who would you proudly hang in a larger than life on the side of your house? (real or fictional)

My Answer: Neo in full leather gear, long coat and the sunglasses.

Yes, because I am that much of a geek.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Paper Menagerie

The menagerie was a courtly hobby popular during the Renaissance period in the major capitals of Europe. Consider a menagerie the precursor to the roadside attractions or zoological parks. Nobles collected rare and exotic animals and displayed their finds among their carefully designed gardens. Guests would meander among lovely shrubs and flowers and view the occasional zebra or lion.

Actually, not unlike yard art.

KB9VGH submits:

Do not interrupt me when I'm daydreaming. If a zebra's in the zone, leave him alone.

  • 2 cats: 2 points + 1 point for out of proportion family
  • Disgruntled zebra: 1 point
  • Lion ready to take on neighborhood Labrador: 1 point
  • Giraffe who needs a chiropractor and a little attitude adjustment: 1 point
  • Wagon wheel: 1 point
  • Kangaroo with roo-let: 1 point
  • Giant black and white salamander or a lemur: 1 point
Subtotal: 9 points

Creativity Bonus

For a decent diorama of Madagascar: 3 points (I would have given 4 points for the Hippo)

Total: 12 points

Somewhere in the KB9VGH's world there must be Papier-mâché tournament.

Friday, December 18, 2009

When Deer Attack

The fat lazy suburban deer dine regularly on my day lilies and hostas. Obviously the two pathetic gnomes do nothing to discourage their daily gorging. But what happens when the neighborhood feast is over. Landscaping takes its winter slumber under a warm bedding of fallen leaves (um, OK, so I am not much of a leaf raker)

The Deer must eat... what else is in abundance around the neighborhood?

Go for the fat ones with the heavy backpacks. They're slower.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fish Rover, Fish Rover

In the dark days of winter, gnomes compete in the age old sport of fish tossing. Herrings, trout, salmon and other edible seafood are lofted from varying distances to be caught in hand by the designated goalie. As in all team sports in which the less gifted of us cringe: sides are chosen.

Every team wants Gregor the Glorious. He is always the first round draft pick.

"Toss your carp from 50 yards, my magnificence will always make the catch"

No one wants Benson the Bumbler but he owns the only tape measure. The team who loses the coin toss has to take him.

Golly, I thought I had it that time. Hey you guys have to play with me or I'm going home.

Fish tossing in Seattle

The ritual of choosing sides: traumatic or triumphant childhood memory?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

White Stallion Arises

Home made yard art holds a secret place in my cold uncaring heart. Yes, I wax poetically on the wonders of a seahorse birdbath and also on anyone who dares (manages) to contain a gnome earns a special spot in that tiny space too. But for the artist who dares to reach for the stars and create colossal statues out of what appears to be paper mache, you sir earn my respect.

KB9VGH submits:

Regent Cloud's Pumpkin Spiced Spider rears majestically while Princess Polly prances


  • Double pole violated white stallion (you would rear too): 1 point
  • Pretty and delicate white mare: 1 point
    • Wagon wheel: 1 point
    • Odd clock flower on porch: 1 point
    • Peacock headed chair: 0 points ( seems functional enough)
    • Giraffe: 1 point

    Subtotal: 5 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the lovely pair of boneless equines and their disdainful giraffe companion encompassing the majority of their tiny front yard: 4 points

    Total: 9 points

    Golden Manatee welcomes you to her hallowed halls

    Phathom (aka Regent's Cloud's Pumpkin Spiced Spider)

    To learn RCPSS true story, read yesterday's comments by redgirl

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    I Made It in Print

    Not exactly how I imagined it would be. Being infamous is not as thrilling as being famous, I can assure you.

    a horse yard art picture for blog continuity.

    eventer79 is one of my best friends. She is also the current leader on the board and writes two very good blogs. Wander With Wild Things is thought provoking, well written environmental blog on issues very close to her heart. I recommend it, you will learn something with every entry.

    We Are Flying Solo The Journey of a Horse and His Girl is a journal of her progress with her horse and their training as a team in the eventer world.

    And then there is this segue in which I make an appearance: Tree = 1, Equestrienne = 0.1

    She did call me an equestrienne, at least that's pretty cool.

    Lighting the Way for Truth and Justice

    Chivalry is a lost art. My southern heart swells with pride as the kind gentleman heroically holds aloft a lamp to light the way for the maiden carrying her burden. It would not due for her to trip and fall thus denying the his guest their much needed liquid refreshments.

    I'm glad I managed to work in the Brazilian last week, or this could be embarrassing.

    Of course, he could carry the jug, or get her some clothes or stop displaying her to the neighbors. They don't make gentlemen like they used to.


    • Lawn Jockey: 4 points
    • Naked Lady: 1 point
    Subtotal: 5 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the disgusted expression of the wine barer and the noble profile of the light keeper: 2 points

    Total: 7 points

    My contribution towards all the google searches seeking naked women on my site, you are welcome.

    perfectly safe for work:

    The Tampa Daily Photo publishes unusual and entertaining images in and around the Tampa Area. Check them out.

    Friday, December 11, 2009

    Seahorse Mutilation

    Imagine my delight when I heard from Tufa Girl that she had sighted and captured the most beloved of all kitsch yard art items: the seahorse birdbath. The seahorse birdbath transcends from a mere lawn decoration to the highest reaches of rural southern culture. Painting the seahorse birdbath in alternating stripes is usually a must for a true aficionado.

    Then... oh the horror, the strain of cruelty must run deep within some families. So this is what Texas does with my beloved icon.

    Tufa Girl comments and submits:

    "Double seahorse birdbath bonus. Alas, not a star in sight."
    Double you say? Decapitated would be the correct description. Enlarge photo by clicking and to view the evidence.


    • 2 butterflies: 2 points
    • Seahorse birdbath with hair washing cupid in its lovely clam shell basin: 3 points
    • Lonely frog on spooning bench (kitsch factor): 3 points
    • Windmill (non-functioning): 1 point
    • Various dangly things in the tree: 0 points
    • Hummingbird on a stick: 1 points
    • And the severed head of a double seahorse birdbath: 1 point

    Subtotal: 11 points

    Creativity Bonus

    To proudly display your cruelty to birdbaths by placing the evidence on your front porch: 2 points

    Total: 13 points

    What is next: taunting puppies?

    I will spare my readers a clip to the SAW the Movie.

    Wednesday, December 9, 2009

    Weber Family Services Well Attended

    The Weber Family met today in a remembrance of their departed founding patriarch. Mourners of the Weber family were delighted at the conclusion the first half of the service by a half-time show put on the local chapter of Deer for Green Bay Packers (DGBP).

    Spokesperson Bill Weber commented "these things can go on for quite a while and the Reverend is a tad long winded. We were grateful for the diversion". Other family members murmured similar sentiments.

    The DGBP is an organization devoted to the encouragement of an active fan base for the Packers. It is rumored their true goal is to keep hunters inside watching TV. Rumors have not be substantiated.

    KB9VGH submits:

    Bambi, don't drop me in the lift this time


    • 2 deer dressed in jerseys: 4 points

    Subtotal: 4 points

    Creativity Bonus

    To enlived the visits to the dearly departed with gymnastic feats of skill: 2 points

    Total: 6 points

    In the road version, the grave yard would have negated all points. And I would have laughed at you.

    Tuesday, December 8, 2009

    Grandma's Yard

    Senior yard artist collect and display their treasures with uninhibited and enviable abandon. They have lived a life time of following rules and living by the dreaded Home Owners Associations (HOA) and they dont give a hoot.

    Tufa Girl boldly submits:

    The White Knight and Knight-ie

    You don't want to make the Turtle mad, man

    "Hey, Hula Momma, want to take a ride?"

    • 2 suits of armor (a first!) 2 points + 1 point for proportion bonus
    • Viking Gnome: 4 points
    • Chair as plant stand: 1 points
    • Baby potty as plant holder (hee): 1 point
    • Bucket with prerequisite Texas stars (pop a top, gang): 1 point
    • Owl: 1 point
    • Frog advertising in a foreign language: 1 point
    • Tricycle displayed on tea chart (makes sense): 2 points
    • Teapot: 1 point (for when the teacart isn't so busy)
    • Gopher on a dirtbike: 2 points
    • Collapsed bench: 1 point (obviously non-functioning)
    • Psychodelic turtle and aardvark (well I am calling it an aardvark): 2 points
    • Musical Bear: 1 point
    • Skeletal remains of a fish: 1 point
    • Heart tray: 1 point
    Subtotal: 23 points

    Creativity Bonus

    Where do I start: there is the gopher dirtbike rider, Hula angel, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds turtle and oh yes - Suits of Armor: 4 points

    Total: 27 points

    The manatee has great respect for the elderly and daredevil gophers

    Dramatic gopher is:

    Monday, December 7, 2009

    Friend Stalking

    When playing Life's Highway - The Yard Art Game, one must be alert to all possibilities and potential opportunities to collect points.

    For example, last week a co-worker asked if I could give her a ride to a friend's house to pick up something or other because her car was in for repair. No problem - I am so very helpful like that. Armed with my camera phone, as soon as said friend went inside the house, I captured a few shots.

    You have to be ruthless people.

    Abandoned Halloween decoration

    Cupid only moments from death by gazing globe


    • Stunted birdbath: 1 point
    • Angel: 0 points
    • Peeling frog: 1 point
    • Halloween ghost with accompanying "boo": 1 point + 2 points for holiday bonus
    • Bird feeder pagoda: 0 points (noteworthy for use of stump)
    • Adorable black bear in right corner: 1 point
    • Mini flag: This is a hard call, I don't count flags but this is a Halloween flag... hmmm: 0 points
    • Gazing globe on leaning pedestal: 2 points
    • Cupid: 1 point
    • 2 bunnies: 2 points
    • Some kind of picture laying on the ground: 1 point
    • 2 mushrooms: 2 points
    Subtotal: 14 points

    Creativity Bonus

    A few interesting items cobbled together but other than the sneaking factor of taking the shots, the presentation lacks a certain flair: 0 points

    Total: 14 points

    Tomorrow: Someone captures their own Grandma's yard. Wow, stay turned.

    Friday, December 4, 2009

    School of Frog

    At the International School of Amphibian Philosophy the favorite students of young Professor Aristotle contemplate on his latest treatise: The Metaphysics of Tadpoles - Do they have souls or are they a tasty snack.

    KB9VGH submits

    Some of the students are in thoughtful repose but I believe at least one is flat on his back snoring.


    • Greek scholar and suspected tadpole muncher: 1 point
    • 9 student frogs (and maybe lunch): 9 points
    • Tree stump: 0 points

    Subtotal: 10 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For an inspired use of a tree stump by incorporating it into an artistic display and not have to hire a stump grinder: 3 points

    Total: 13 points

    The Walrus and the Carpenter
    Walked on a mile or so,
    And then they
    rested on a rock
    Conveniently low:
    And all the little Oysters stood
    And waited in a row.

    You know this doesn't turn out well, but I won't spoil it for you (spoiler)

    Thursday, December 3, 2009

    You Know You Want Me

    When participating in a little nude sunbathing, I find it is beneficial to surround yourself with interesting props and lumpy friends.

    Gertrude whispers to her sympathetic friends: "You KNOW they're fake"


    • 3 gazing globes: 3 points
    • Hiding hen embarrassed by amphibian flaunting: 1 point
    • Blue Bird of gossip on a stick: 1 point
    • The ugly frog friend: 1 point
    • The Venus of forest, splayed out for all to enjoy: 1 point
    Subtotal: 7 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the sun bathing beauty arching her back so seductively and for two small leaves delicately cover her nether regions. Also for her friends who had to daily bare the public display: 2 points

    Total: 9 points

    I don't know, some women are naturally blessed...

    If you are not following the gnome pig revolution in europe please check out Reclaim your Life.

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    Stump Sitting

    Witness the tragedy of a lone fisherman forever sitting on his stump, fishing pole long since misplaced, pond replaced by suburbanization. He waits with his sunny smile to be brought inside the warmth and protection of a porch with the ugly 70's iron railing.

    KB9VGH comment and submits:

    I thought these were considered politically incorrect but I still see them in rural areas

    I seem to have lost my friend, Watermelon Boy


    • Dejected and rejected snappy dressing fishing guy: 3 points (kitsch factor)
    • Gazing globe on leaning tower of Pisa: 2 points
    • Birdhouse sitting comfortably on the front porch: 0 points
    • Some random thing knocked over: 0 points

    Subtotal: 5 points

    Creativity Bonus

    Although I appreciate Smilin' Bob's pants matching the front door, I am unmoved by this presentation. 0 points

    Total: 5 points

    Apparently the servant's entrance is around the back.