Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The HOA - My Arch Enemy

I am a big fan of anyone who is anti-HOA. In fact, I would say that the HOA is The Yard Art Game's personal nemesis. If an organization congregates together to outlaw my personal form of entertainment well then you guys, have made a personal enemy.

Therefore you can see why I am a follower of Anti_HOA yard of the week which is part of random series on LA Metblogs crafted by Fraz:

"Everytime I drive past this little house in Duarte I have to double take the 6 foot tall headless angel. Next to the flag pole, framed by a partial fence."

Obvious, it only requires partial fencing to imprison a headless superior being. It's not like she can see around the corners.


  • Six foot headless statue standing on a bench to get a better view: 2 points

Subtotal: 2 points

I am challenging you, Fraz.

Creativity Bonus

For a six foot tall Nike goddess of Victory on a pedistal with a flag pole for a head: 2 points

Total: 4 points

My proof:

Nike Winged Victory in Antique Stone Finish

Ancient greek dieties do not fall within the relegious rule. I rest my case.

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  1. I love the blooming Bird of Paradise peeking over the neighbor's fence.


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