Friday, March 26, 2010

The Process is Interrupted by Martians

Life's Highway has a daily routine, in which I review submissions carefully filed in chronological order and then stare at them blankly and wait to be inspired. Alright, it is not exactly in the order received because some of the field reporters live in fertile grounds and submit in a frenzy of excitement (and you know who you are). So I sprinkle later submissions to break up a group entries from a single player.

But the important thing is that I am not easily swayed from my process. Unless of course Martians land and then ,well hell, all rules are off.

Connie of  Monkey Mind comments and submits:
"This yard art made me screech on my brakes and immediately turn around. Stunning. That’s all I can say."

This yard made me screech to a halt too. Click on the photo and revel in the madness

Score - OK, I am going to have to break this down into psychotic pieces
  • 2 Black Balls (bombs?): 2 points
  • Stairway made of tire rims and 3 cow skulls (apparently a Martian defense mechanism): 3 points 
  • UFO comprised of hundreds of CD's probably consisting of the very weeny music on my ipod: 1 point
  • 3 radars dishes - flowery, sunlamp-y and grill-y: 3 points
  • Pedestal made of silver cylinders and maybe a squashed trash can: 1 point
  • Alien (glows in the dark): 1 point
  • Doll hiding in the corner (dressed): 2 points
  • Shell on tree stump: 0 points
Subtotal:13 points

Creativity Bonus

For a Martian spacecraft with all its intricate details, a stairway of skulls while the house has no siding What So Ever plus the delicate addition of the summer vacation sea shell: 4 points

Total: 17 points
Manatee is relieved Martians do not decorate with aquatic mammals

Mars Attacks (I laugh every time they speak, it's lame, but I can not help it)


  1. No....WAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! Whenever you post these, I always try to imagine the homeowners coming up with these ideas. Like, can you imagine this couple sitting on their porch and suddenly blurting, "Hey, you know what this yard needs? MARTIANS!!!"

    Once again, thanks for the laugh. Boy, did I need that today!!

  2. asks, How many other States have a UFO welcome center? Dad and I have been there, it does exist. We have not spoken to the owner operator yet

  3. All the cool stuff is in South Carolina.

  4. OMG awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

  5. Ok, you are busted in retrospect. I don't think I got points for my spacecraft and I am now officially disgruntled.

  6. eventer79, ah but the difference is (as I remember it) your space craft was more of a club house because when you enlarged it you could see light switches.

  7. Dropping to my knees in awe. How can anyone top a thing like like that?

  8. come on MyMaracas, you know you have a bunch of old CD's laying around the house. Start crafting and get back to us.


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