Monday, April 26, 2010

Pulling the Gnome Card

Some competitors are born and some competitors are honed by the sharp edge of competition. Diane feels the heat of hot breath of the Tufa Girl and eventer79 and has played her ace in the hole.

Diane submits:
Eventually no one is immune to Maxwell's silver axe.
Even behind the safety of the magic toadstool, Oskar fell prey to Maxwell's handiwork
"please don't let him know I am here..."
With a killer gnome and demonic children, I think the ADT security system is a bit of an overkill

  • 9 gnomes: fallen, hiding, limbless or tembling: 36 points
  • Decapitated gnome beard and pipe: 0 points but worth mentioning
  • Trembling owls: 1 point
  • Hanging shingled pyramid thing: 1 point
  • 6 ducks, 2 given up and await execution: 6 points
  • Cardinal hanging ten: 1 point 
  • Security sign: 0 point
  • 2 chicken and 2 chicks: 4 points
  • Ornate wrought iron bird bath: 1 point
  • Fallen stick girl (so much carnage): 1 point
  • Devil children and their hell hound: 1 point
Subtotal: 53 points

Creativity Bonus

For a large community of garden gnomes who are slowly losing life and limb and for the disturbing red kids: 4 points

Total: 57 points

 Manatee wishes to keep her flippers, thank you very much

Maxwell Silver Hammer (warning sickly funny so not for little ones)


  1. Maybe they tumbled over all those rocks!

  2. Awesome. Definitely Manatee material.

  3. Ohhh, she's getting nervous is she. Ok, I was trying to play nice, but if the multi-gnome card is being thrown out in desperation, then I shall be forced to deploy the full force of rural NC...

  4. found what that hanging shingled pyramid thingy is supposed to look like.

    If I was making her nervous, she has no idea what will happen to her score when eventer79 gets going. I bow to last year's leader.

  5. So gnomes are the way to go, huh?

  6. eventer79 you have the field nervous but I am calling a very close year.

    Tufa Girl, how did you ever find the shingled thing? I must go over and thank Ladybugfromtexas.

    Lauren, gnomes are a WAY to go but the necessarily the way to go. Gnomes carry the highest individual score value. Your score gets a good bump when you find a yard with a few of them.

  7. Wow! I have to say my daughter is awesome, but I worry about her taking Henry near a dangerous yard like that, so full of slaughter!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  8. Oh, this blog is oh so fun! I had to join. I already know a neighbor that has dinosaurs in their front yard and you wonder, "Now, what is the purpose of these....?" I will have to go ask if I can take some pics and enter them here. Please come and visit me at my blog I saw you on Lemon Verbena lady's blog.

  9. Mom L, Diane is an expert and she knows what she is doing. I would not doubt if Henry won't be taking some of these pictures in the next few months.

    Julie, um... it is rare that we ask... but you go right ahead. Glad to have you on board.

  10. watch out eventer79- rural georgia vs. rural NC- it's on!

  11. OMG! Laughing. I must put out some gnomes!

  12. Janie, thanks for stopping by. Please put out some gnomes and then of course, take pictures!


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