Friday, April 30, 2010

What I Have Been Needing To Complete My Yard Art Collection

An Entrail-mobile!

I found it on on Craigs List today:

wagon from slaughterhouse; old, yard art - $100 (morgan hill)

"This is a heavy duty wagon from a slaughterhouse it is about 50 years old. It's been a planter in my front yard for about 20 years. The wagon was used to move entrails from their source to the sausage making operation or wherever they were needed next."

The snails are pretty good, okay so you don't want to sell those. The tower is functional so you can play short wave radio with it, alright you want to keep the tower.

But the gut wagon... OMG... you would sell your very own gut wagon.

What is the world coming to.


  1. I hope the wagon doesn't come with the entrails!

  2. No,but just think Mom L... if you had one, you move entrails all over your yard.

    That could come in handy.

  3. At night, the souls of dead pigs come out to haunt you.

  4. And to think someone would want to sell it.

  5. Really, why sell an antique vehicle that probably does contain thousands of angry pig ghosts and you could cart around your kids with it on a Sunday afternoon, too.

    It really has soooo many uses.

  6. The kids could start their own little business selling entrails door to door. It's good to have a vocation.

  7. I have a gut Tupperware container, with matching lid. It allows for long range transport of the guts to their new home (somebody else's trash) while eliminating the fear of spills. I have to admit, in a pinch it's even seen duty as a beverage cooler...

    $7.99 Walmart

  8. i'd use it to haul bacon in.


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