Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Car Lot

Unfortunately, there is a southern tradition of vehicles adorning the front yard. Actually this yard is fairly pristine because everything seems to have wheels.

Diane comments and submits:
the fowlers......their yard IS pretty foul. LOL!
(that's terrible, Diane)
A certain amount of je ne sais quoi is needed to hang a stuffed parrot in an artificial tree
You got your car, and your trailer for sale to support your satellite TV habit

Well of course they have a dune buggy

  • Parrot: 1 point
  • Birdhouse in fake tree: 1 point
  • Large fake tree: 0 point
  • 2 satellite dishes: 0 points
  • Windmill: 1 point
  • Compass thingy: 1 point
  • Lion: 1 point
  • Old school monitor but apparently not for sale: 0 points
  • Pelican: 1 point
  • Empty flag pole (how sad): 0 points
  • Birdcage: 1 point
  • Hope bird did not suffer the same fate as the very dead fern: 0 points
Subtotal: 7 points

Creativity Bonus

While I am truly moved by all the vehicles in the yard and by dual dishes, I think they could have shown a little more effort and thrown in a seahorse birdbath in or perhaps a lawn jockey. (I do like the parrot, though): 1 points

Total: 8 points



  1. Wait! Is the trailer for sale???

  2. oh come least ONE creativity point for the fake parrot in the fake tree. Thats some skillz there to be brave enough for that

  3. Lin, yes would you like a trailer? If they sell it how will they ever move the other stuff?

    redgirl, I have a weakness for negotiation.
    OK, 1 point. I do like that parrot.

    LC David, thanks for stopping by. I see as a professional you have an appreciation for landscaping by vehicle.

  4. Question:
    would all the scored yard art FIT in that trailer?

  5. redgirl, you never sleep. The trailer is so you can come in the dark of the night, load up the Scooby Do dune buggy and make a clean get away with parrot in tow.

  6. if that is a Sunbeam Alpine it is worth more than the dune buggy, both trailers, and the house.

  7. Ahahahahaha, fowl means bird! Wait? What?

  8. I never sleep. I have vampire tendencies. I became a vampire in order to stalk ppl's lawn "art"

  9. CTWD, if the car is a Sunbeam Alpine than leaving it in the front yard with a trailer is even more stupid than I originally thought.

    redgirl, be careful what you say or we may expect a submission from you.

  10. I guess I'll have to go on the prowl then

  11. Okay. I don't know how much time I have sat here and looked at this site but it's never boring. I had to zap myself with a cattle prod to remember that I've got to get going for the day. I still can't get the yard art with the dead baby dolls out of my head! Toooo funny! Thanks for the great entertainment!

  12. Diane may have found a lot of winners out here in Iowa, but nothing beats Southern Yard Art!!!


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