Thursday, May 6, 2010

Christmas in Spring

When May comes around and the Spring has sprung full force, Christmas decorations left out to rot become sad and pathetic and the joke of the entire neighborhood. Unless of course, you are a yard art aficionado and then you smile and pull out your trusty digital camera.

Diane comments and submits:
"not quite sure what roosters have to do with Jesus?"
Henrietta: Honey, the children have passed out and their part in the pageant it over, can we leave now?
Rupert: Nobody leaves until the Reverend is finished
Henrietta: (mumbles)... hmph, there weren't any chickens at the Nativity anyway...

  • Angry Rooster and Pissed-off Hen: 2 points
  • 2 chicks hopefully not dead: 2 points
  • Nativity Flag: (holiday bonus) 5 points
Subtotal: 9 points

Creativity Bonus

Four chickens semi-patiently waiting (except for the prostrated chicks and the disgruntled hen) for Christmas to be over so they could be dancing like other chickens: 2 points

Total: 11 points

everybody dance:


  1. What is so sad about this is that changing that little bitty flag to something....uh....more "seasonal" would take like 15 seconds. Really?! We can't change the Christmas theme and it is May???! Sheesh. Lazy butts. Poor little chicks. :(

  2. These aren't just ordinary chickens...Back when Noah was stocking his Great Ark, Mr. and Mrs. Fowl (tempered..) were celebrities on the boat, after having confessed to laying the original egg, thus solving the chicken/egg debate.
    Destined to be where the action was (spiritually speaking), they hitched a ride with the innkeeper on a recent lamb buying expedition from Jerusalem. Then made themselves at home in his barn; blending in seamlessly with the local cow, sheep, and rat population. And on that starry night, joined in the chorus with the world to celebrate.


  3. I think Diane was just reminiscing about the bantam chickens she had as a child. Of course, we didn't have a nativity flag out in May....and Diane escaped from this scene by bringing Baby Henry out to see me!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. ... and they didn't think to wrap the flag pole in Christmas lights? So lazy...

  5. redgirl thank you for solving the mysterious connection of chickens and biblical history. Now that I think of it, you owe us another story.

    Lin, yes is sad and lazy not take down the poor faded tattered flag. We can both agree with Qorvig that, what the heck, no lights... that's almost criminal.

    Nancy, so Diane had chickens...that explains a lot.

  6. Even for Christmas, it's a sad little banner - what? the new Christmas colours are pink and blue?

  7. I'm worried about the baby chicks. Maybe Sweet Baby Jesus in the flag will heal them.

  8. Laura, healing the chicks would be a May in Christmas Miracle! Praise be.

  9. The chicks are prostrate, begging their parents to PLEASE take them home because five months of church is ENOUGH!!!


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