Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nature Break in the Alps

Beth narrates a story and submits:

While traveling in Europe with my then-boyfriend-now-husband-and-partner-in-crime and our good friends on their honeymoon, we took a "day" trip over the mountains to see the highest point in the Australian Alps and the glacier at Grossglockner. However, like many of our "day" trips tend to do, this trip turned into an overnighter with just the shirts on our backs. How do you pick a good guesthouse in the Alps? Great yard art!! However it will take a trip to Austria (or the handy website posted on the sign) to corroborate the photo. As you can see in my original June 2005 photo, the urinating bear is hidden just so by a large yellow post. However you can look a little closer and see the trajectory of his stream. If you need further proof of the bear's urination into the fountain or his jaunty traditional Tiroler garb, you may go here ( ) click on VIRTUELL and scroll to the bottom of the page for a panoramic view of the guesthouse from the terrace. I was so distracted by the bear's antics, that I completely missed the mostly naked carved wooden couple dressed only in hats and a sweater next to a clearly ornamental wheelbarrow. The six sets of antlers decorating the outside of the guesthouse really ought to count for something. I do so wish I had had more time to explore this place. We arrived quite late, and checked out very early to do our sightseeing and make it back to our home base. I did get to snap this photo on our way back down the mountain. Our room was on the far right on the second floor, and oh, if I close my eyes I can hear the river across the road pouring over the rocks and taste the good Austrian beer we drank as we stood out on the balcony. Good times.  

I am quite sure there is more going on in this photo on that terrace, but 5 years ago I didn't have a camera with the capabilities to really zoom in on the good stuff.

 Ok, Beth as a favor to you I will zoom in on the good stuff:

The urine stream in question

The naked couple:
"Put some clothes on woman"

  • 6 elk skulls with antlers for that lodge type atmosphere: 6 points
  • Lots of pretty Bavarian flowers boxes and Bavarian stuff: 0 points
  • Bear dressed in Tiroler garb? (what no lederhosen) sprinkling in what I assume is a fountain: 2 points
  • Naked couple and but dressed (just not dressed enough): 4 points
  • Wheel barrow- rustic and full of rocks: 1 point
Subtotal: 13 points

Creativity Bonus

I love the expression on the old man's face and everyone enjoys a good bear pee but this is not a home but a place of business. I have decided to score it because its my first European vacation/honeymoon picture and I am soft like that: 0 points

Total: 13 points (If the Higher Power catches me, Beth, you are on your own)


  1. The man statue is certainly glaring daggers at the woman. They're probably married in woodstatueland

  2. So who takes company on their honeymoon?

    In Germany, they would trot out the singers in lederhosen and the oompah bands at restaurants - often kids who clearly did not wnat to be Bavarian right then, except for the pay!

  3. Those Australian Alps have kangabears hopping all up and down... very close cousin to the bearwolf but less interested in helping sell maps and whatnot. You're on your own with the kangabears.

  4. But once you see a kangabear, you know urine fine company.

  5. Okay, here goes...if I am not totally mistaken, most guesthouses are family run, and the family actually does reside in said guesthouse, making it actually their home. Yet still it is a business, so thanks for considering it for scoring. Think I'm covered there.
    The bear was wearing lederhosen at some point, as you can see by his suspenders. Lederhosen are Tiroler garb. Maybe he lost his short trousers when he did what bears do in the woods...before they do what they do into the fountain.
    redgirl: Not sure what he was so ticked about. It was June and snowing. At least she let him keep his old sweater.
    ChrisJ: People who have close friends who have family in Austria and a place to stay and speak German fluently take company on their honeymoon. No rent + no guide fees = more Getränkgeld (drinking money)
    Lauren: Dear, Dear Sister. That was a different family vacation, and we were not on someone else's honeymoon. Austria=no roos. But we saw really great little fat marmots in the mountains. And I am pretty sure in Australia we saw more dead kangas than live ones. I would give you one of my points for the urine punchline! So play on!!

  6. Lauren so funny and Beth better hold onto those points. They can be hard to come by.

    Good to know the bear was in lederhosen because I never tire of men in little shorts with suspenders.

    redgirl, the old guy looks furious.

  7. Dude I know where you went and with whom, which time. But do you?
    And I quote:
    "... we took a "day" trip over the mountains to see the highest point in the Australian Alps and the glacier at Grossglockner."

    Thus, Dear, Dear Sister. Kangabears. Australian Alps.

  8. Snort, Sister fight, sister fight....

    I agree with Lauren, BTW. When you travel the Australian Alps, kangabears are quite common.

  9. Oh, Dear Gussy. I am officially a moron. I must get some sleep.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I think he stole her clothes so that she would stay indoors. He wanted some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, her views on nudity aren't the same as his. She's not shy at all about sitting outside with him. This upsets him. He's acting passive aggrsssive about it though...

  12. Dear Gussy, Tsk tsk. You aren't a moron, you have two children under 2. You are, for that very reason excused from any and all spelling and geography requirements for the next 5 years. Then in 5 years -they'll- have spelling tests, but only the easy words.
    - Sincerely, Kangabear.


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