Monday, May 3, 2010

Protectors of the Manor

One thing I have noticed in the development of The Yard Art field reporter is the The Pros venture further away from their comfort zone as noted yesterday. The newbies stay in the get-away car and usually have a driver. As you can see from this picture, our newest player is far from the demoralized lions.

Beth comments and submits:

"My husband and I were minding our own business on a Sunday drive in rural Louisiana trying to keep our two young'uns sleeping and content while we enjoyed each other's company, I remember exclaiming, "Shut the front door!! Those poor lions! They look so pissed!" I'm not sure why Lion on the Right seems to be missing an ear...either a strong wind bent it down or (I like to believe) it was giving us its version of flippin' us off for gawking. It was just a pitiful sight: Easter bunny ears and big yellow bows. Even the Cadbury Egg Easter Try-Outs lion got to "Bock, bock" with his macho-roaring voice. These guys are just sitting there looking uncomfortable. I made hubby back up so I could retrieve my trusty purse camera. (classic drive-by approach: the hubby backup. I have employed it many times) to find that photo of the carved wooden bear urinating into the fountain I saw in the mountains of Austria...what's the statute of limitations on yard art photos?"

Never... in fact it would be fun to receive retro yard art pictures.

"Come on, lady... come on down here and tell us how cute we are. Bock Bock This!"
  • 2 humiliated Kings of the Jungle in Easter finery: 2 points + 2 points for being dressed
  • Easter holiday bonus: 2 points
  • Stalker trash can: 0 points
Subtotal: 6 points

Creativity Bonus

For two guardian lions protecting the entrance to the manor while being forced to dress like a couple of p*ssies: 2 points

Total: 8 points

A home needs a lion who can do their job with dignity:


  1. I wonder how debasing the other holiday outfits are. Do you think they have little Leprechaun hats on St. Pats?

  2. I will be back to check on these lions' future finery...if I can remember where out in the sticks they are.

  3. The expression on the lions is priceless, it may take a long time for them to get their dignity back. Beth, we will wait for future updates.

  4. Poor humiliated lions! They must be feeling VERY cranky.

    This reminds me, I need to take another picture where the Easter Extravaganza once was. I think the home owner is displaying meerkats now. I wonder if she's doing anything special for Mother's Day?

  5. A lion, 'lion' down on the job. Go on lion, find the Rottweiler..

  6. LunaKris, yes it is fun for us to get updates on our favorites yards especially if the artist is seasonally motivated.

    klahanie, shame.


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