Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pieces of Flair

Tufa Girl attended the King William Fair in San Antonia, Texas.  It seems during the King Williams Fair, people adorn their homes in festive finery and everyone celebrates, dances, dines on great food and perhaps adult beverages flow. By the way, in North Carolina adult beverages rarely flow in public :(

Tufa Girl comments and submits:

"The Fiesta "flare"  was a little beat up from the hail storm early that morning."

Wow, Rainbow Flair. People are probably tapping a keg right now...wait a minute

Are Lions and Soldiers guarding "The Sacred Chairs of San Antonio"?

  • 2 wooden soldiers (with a pleasant outlook on fiestas): 2 points + 10 points holiday bonus
  • 2 highly disapproving lions (probably from North Carolina): 2 points
  • 2 Gilded chairs (seating for highly important personage's highly important asses): 0 points
Subtotal: 14 points

Creative Bonus

An honor guard for the golden rocking chairs of the King and Queen of Flare: 2 points.

Total: 16 points

Tufa Girl, we need Texas type information on the soldiers. Are these nutcrackers or some kind of regional yard decoration? (edited: Tufa confirmed that these are indeed Christmas decorations and not some random Texas theme)



  1. Ah, Texas: I hated living in you, but I did love your complete disregard for silly things like open container laws...

  2. Texas is an ideal state of mind. In South Carolina adult beverages flow when and where appropriate. We just don't do open containers in moving automobiles (most of the time).

  3. BTW. The soliders are either Nutcrackers (unlikely) or about to become deceased members of Generalisimo's Santa Ana's army. Texas, like South Carolina, revels in the past.
    (please excuse the Dog's spelling this evening)

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  5. Ugh. Timothy! Stop leaving your gmail account logged in. Dude!
    What I meant to say (as myself) was...
    Did she get holiday points for those Nutcrackers? Because those are total holiday items, five months into the new year.

  6. They do *look* like nutcrackers...
    The trick isn't getting past the lions, it's the butler you have to watch out for

  7. They do look like nutcrackers but they lack those overlarge head or mouth you find in people whose job involved cracking hard items in their mouths. I am waiting on Tufa Girl for negotiation.

  8. nutcracker was my nickname in college.

  9. snort, the things we learn about each other.

  10. Been out of town but thanks for Lauren sticking up for my holiday points. I thought it was a bit Christmasish.

  11. BTW not Santa Ana's army members.

  12. OK, Tufa Girl. Thanks for the input. Toy soldiers it is, which is Christmas and Nutcrackery and Babes in Toylandy....

    Holiday Bonus applied.

    Thanks for you input, Lauren.


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