Sunday, May 23, 2010

Recommending a Good Read

Friends, I have found a naturally gifted yard art field reporter. Water Shack Lady details the year long creative journey of her neighbor, the yard artist: Yard Art a 15' x 25' Canvas .

My favorite quote:
I am not a professional yard art critic. We have a gnome in the back yard. OK also a hillbilly ball (otherwise known as a gazing globe ). Let she who is without yard art cast the first GNOME.

First, I love "hillbilly ball" and Water Shack Lady, we are professional yard art critics so we cast quite a few gnomes.

"Where do want me to lob this?"

Take a read, perhaps she will play with us. Perhaps she will permit the use of one of her pictures.


  1. hillbilly ball might be my new favorite word for awhile.

  2. I am going to use it without hesitation.


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