Saturday, May 8, 2010

Venison BBQ and Happy Mother's Day.

Driving home from a morning ride and I stopped at a stoplight in Louisburg, NC. The light has turned red, I'm in the right turning lane. I have about 5 seconds to grab my phone, turn it on, turn on the camera function and take the shot:

Please feel free to click on photo to enlarge:

Yep, its a grill shaped like a Buck tattooed with the glorious state of North Carolina.

Some Mom is goin' be real happy.


  1. And the Buck doesn't stop here. Wishing all you Mom's over in North America a peaceful and pleasant Mother's Day.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  2. Hey, looks like something in the trailer behind - maybe dad maybe getting a little something too?

  3. ouch klahanie, my pun radar is going off

    there are so many ways this is awsome

  4. We don't have those in Oklahoma. I'm so going to talk to someone about that!

  5. Happy Mother's Day there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great pic!

  6. Nothing like meat cooked inside a giant metal animal! It's enough to bring tears to any mother's eyes.

    Happy Mother's Day Y'all!

  7. I dunno, I just think that BBQ-ing out of someone's abdomen is sorta sick and demented. I wonder if his antlers would catch fire?

  8. Gosh, I hope my mom doesn't see this - I sent flowers, how unoriginal. Maybe next year.

    Happy Mother's Day.

  9. I hope everyone had a Happy Mothers Day. I know I did. Alas the deer grill was not for me, I waited all weekend but it did not show up.

  10. This is way cooler than my grill... :(


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