Sunday, June 27, 2010

Astro Boy

Two great things thrown together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Astro Boy and a Golden Horse united in awesomeness.

The handy manure collection baggie is just a wonderful bonus.

Visit Klahanie for other adventures of Golden Horse and his poo.


  1. Speaking of poo!

    I would probably be good at painting murals on porches. I do pretty well with large format. Would it include Gnomes?

  2. Lauren,

    Could you paint Astro Boy astride his golden steed ready to do battle with the evil Gnome War Lord?

    I don't ask for much.

  3. Without the manure collection bag it wouldn't have the same charm :)

  4. Oh my. Astro Boy riding a brass horse with a butt bag. Garden gnomes, a beautiful fairy princess and an assortment of weird and wonderful creatures roaming around my property.
    Hay, I'm thinking of marketing the horsie poo catcher. Must go now before I start to nag....

  5. Lol. I think Astro Boy too tired flying and took horse for a change :)


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