Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Collector

Birdhouse collectors are an interesting breed. As an artist, are they making a statement on the plight of homeless birds or are they creative bird watchers who find the whole watching thing much easier from their living room. Personally, if I could avoid hiking in this heat to see a few dozen birds, I would be all over that option.

ChrisJ submits:

 A few cute birdhouses. The ones on the ground I call non-functional.
 Is it cruel to have bunch of nice bird homes and then terrorize said birdies with a hungry looking owl?

  • Some kind of flat straw hat thingy: 1 point
  • Star (Texas style): 1 point
  • Star (Moravian style): 1 point
  • Birdhouse on deck (assumption is non-functional): 1 point
  • Birdhouse on stand (um... hard call): 0 points
  • Big metal flower: 1 point
  • 3 birdhouses: 0 points
  • Menacing and cruel joke owl: 1 point
Subtotal: 6 points

Creativity Bonus

Lovely home proving that no one is immune from a field reporter's roving eye but not a spectacular collection except the taunting owl: 1 point

Total: 7 points

Yeah, cause that's real nice



  1. Nice collection. Birdhouses, that is.

  2. I just love these birdhouses. They are very appealing to me and looks really awesome. I like to have this on my home. ;)

  3. Tampa Pool, just don't taunt them with a giant owl.

  4. I like to put my bird feeder right outside my screened porch so that my cat can have fun watching and drooling. I feel like I am helping the birds be a little more aware of their surroundings, like a birdie boot camp sorta thing. Sure, some might have little birdie mental breakdowns or little birdie anxiety attacks, but again, in nature "only the strong survive."

  5. Laura, You are so caring and always thinking about the well being of others.

  6. Where did you find that owl picture or are they your birds?

  7. lemonverbenalady, I don't know the original source, it seems to be viral. It's a great shot though. Someone should have watermarked it.

  8. You should have said you owned that owl and you feed it baby chicks every day. That would be totally badass. Or weird. Whichever.

  9. Laura, I could have but biology lady would have would have called me on it or turned me in depending on her mood. (and when I last put one of her yards up for scoring)

  10. i rather like the birdhouses. they look much better than the dusty and dirty ones sitting on top of my kitchen cupboards.


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