Thursday, June 17, 2010

Continued Iowan Neighborhood Goodness

Lauren has a secret profession. She is a mushroom portrait photographer. She is quite renown in the mushroom world. All the best shrooms come to her for her art:

Candid family portrait with baby

Gritty Senior Portrait
Family Portrait (the mother is especially unfortunate looking - just sayin')

Family reunion at Aunt Polly's House

Score (list provided by Lauren, my comments are in red)
  • Frog on porch shouldering the weight of the world, er... gazing ball... (how wonderfully terrible): 2 points
  • Heart shaped trellis not in use as a trellis but as a fanchy schmancy butterfly schwoopy flower windchime hanger! (could not have said it better!): 2 points
  • Adorable snail couple, sooooo slow... I've been driving by for days and they never seem to get anywhere! (there are pretty speedy as compared to the mushrooms): 2 points
  • Last but certainly not least: Family of Mushrooms... and lantern thingys masquerading as mushrooms (the women have a tendency to go round in this family, sigh as well as mine):5 points
Mushrooms do hang out in families, as evidenced by my family portraits.

Subtotal: 11 points

Creativity Bonus

The family gathering of the mushrooms and their nearest and dearest snail friends is sweet but 2 points for the Frog Atlas.

Total: 13 points

Uncle Charlie is late again but he hopes to make it there by dessert.


  1. Are you certain that guy in the costume knows he is a mushroom?
    I am headed to the emergency eye wash station.
    The second photo is disturbing in a funny kinda way.

  2. Yes, he is a happy happy mushroom. But I agree the family portraits are all a little disturbing in a funny way.

  3. That's so funny. I was laughing out loud and reading this to my kids. Nevermind I sort of wrote it. It was still funny. Yes and disturbing. The boys also agree the mom 'shroom is penisy. My oldest son wants the mushroom costume.

  4. Lauren, thank you for sharing your secret passion of capturing the true essence of mushrooms in a non-posed fashion.

  5. Hmm, I was going to buy mushrooms for dinner; now maybe not!

  6. ChrisJ you will be fine, just don't get the penis-y kind.


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