Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dinner For One

Sustainable living and victory gardens are all the rage now. Chickens are being kept in the suburbs and and also tin the cities their neighbor's dismay. Newbies are growing a few veggies for the first time. When I was growing up it was just called life, every family I knew had a small garden and we didn't call them  victory or depression gardens.  We call them a mosquito laden weeding chore but then kids have a different outlook on life.

emilyt submits what looks to be a small family garden.

The plate crop looks like it going to be good this year.


Plate growing amongst the crops. I heard it keeps the bugs out: 1 point

Subtotal: 1 point

Creativity Bonus

I have to admit, I like the whimsy ( and usually whimsy makes me break out in hives) of having a bold floral pattern seemingly growing out of the ground: 1 point

Total: 2 points

A little less whimsical but maybe more to my taste for gardening:


  1. Oh, sure. Had I thought of plate points I would have taken photos of my backyard before I had removed the collection. Sheesh!

  2. Is that plate hiding some electrical outlet or something? And does that count as yard art if it is just hiding something else?? I think this is a technicality here.

  3. This is the first year in about 20 that I haven't had a veggie garden. Lately, I love the vegetables, but the garden has been a hip-busting, weeding chore! I'm taking a break - maybe I can just plant plates!

  4. Lin, I woke up this morning thinking it was time to re-write the scoring.

    I see nothing wrong in using a decorative item to hide something deemed unpleasant. An outlet is a functional item in a yard, a plate, goose or deer stuck in front of it would be yard art.

    Chrisj, I suspect that plates would require no fertilizer and the bugs and pest would leave them alone. I cannot speak for the evil deer.

  5. OMG, there is a whole crop of plates in the bulldog yard. I'll have to send that one to you soon!


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