Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gourd House

I love the Gothic boldness of a red house with black wrought iron trim. Also note the scroll-y goodness of the iron column. But the plastic flower wreath is a big let down, it is entirely too festive.

Diane submits:

Teeny-tiny collection plate at the door.

  • Flowery plastic flower (well silk-ish) wreath: 1 point
  • Address plaque with two empty pots (tip jars, donate or you hate your country): 0 points
  • Ugly boot (my Mom made a water fountain out of one of these boots, don't ask): 1 point
  • Turtle taking collections: 1 point
  • Tiny chimney: 1 point
  • Awesome hand painted gourd birdhouse hung with honor by the front door: 0 points (functional yet beautiful)
  • Shrunken dog head on the mailbox (I told you it was Gothic): 1 point
Subtotal: 5 points

Creativity Bonus

Not a very exciting collection but I do love the little shrunken dog head: 1 point

Total: 6 points

Yeah, well I keep mine in the backyard on a stump. It is pretty much the same thing.



  1. Who were the plates feeding? Just curious!

  2. I think it is possible they hand feed the little dog head. But that is just a theory.


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