Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gypsy Birds

I really need to update my scoring board. But as a reminder, birdhouses that are not functional are scored. Those birdhouses serving a purpose to the greater bird community get a pass.

emilyt comments and submits:
Nothing says bird house like a hanging plastic trailer!
If only birds had little trucks and little bird hands so they could open the door


Camper birdhouse so the birds can migrate in style: 1 point

Subtotal: 1 point

Creativity Bonus

For a completely nonfunctional trailer birdhouse which looks like is hanging from a larger trailer (which may or may not function): 2 points

Total: 3 points

I bet the wrens peak in the windows and beat on the front door in frustration.



  1. It comes with its own plastic (silk?) flowers. Does that mean an other point?

  2. No, but I am beginning to wonder if that is a remote control on the upper right. Perhaps it opens like a garage door? But then again, there is still the little problem of birds lacking hands.

  3. Nice find, emilyt! Back in '65, my family took one of these things on a cross-country trip from NC to California and back. This is about the real size of the thing, so I'm not sure it's meant for birds.

  4. Now that I look again (and I can't seem to quit staring at it), I see a string of lights? Does that count as holiday-ish?

  5. I saw the string of lights also, but in the world of traveling trailers and RV parks, lights are used as a festive year around touch. So I would need more proof if it was strictly intended for holidays.

    But good call, SusanH

  6. I get it about the lights. At our house, we call our same ol' string 'Fiesta Lights' after the New Year. Mostly, I just wanted emilyt to think I was trying to help a buddy...but now that she's gaining on me fast, she's on her own!

  7. We have one of these (identical right down to the curly wire hanger), and have had birds live in it. (Look carefully, it's wood, not plastic.) Zero points.

  8. uh oh Craig@Ellis Hollow... I would not let emilyt know were you live.

    I usually don't take points away. My bad call, so she gains. Although I probably would have been persuaded on the day I posted. You are a tough negotiator. I will enjoy your opinions.

    Um, how do the birds get in?


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