Friday, June 25, 2010

Ivor - The Promised Land

Welcome to the second edition of What I found in Ivor, Virginia.

When I have a spare weekend I have every intention of traveling back up to Ivor. Because being the field expert that I am, I immediately recognize the signs of a yard art breeding ground. Ivor has a magical country store. The owner of this establishment features touristy items including dusty jams and jellys, disturbing pork products, various bbq sauces and oh yes, did I mention lawn ornaments. The owner considers herself a true cement ornament artist. (I can tell, I am an expert)

Being the very articulate type I was admiring the wares of the country store with precise elucidation:

Lifeshighway: ooh ooh oooh oooh (AND I tried the doe eyes)
Hubby: Just remember Ivor, I am NOT stopping now, we are late.
Lifeshighway: (slumping down in the truck, obviously doe eyes was the wrong tactic)

In magical Ivor, the eagles will deliver your mulch straight to your car. All you have to do is tip them with their favorite pork snack.

The piglets are provided. They don't squeal much.


  1. Pigs are silent and unnoticed to avoid the pickle barrel.

  2. Oh MY! It's Eagle and Wheel with Mulch! Wow. :)

  3. Lin, you could start a second blog!


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