Monday, June 28, 2010

The Making of a Field Reporter

The Yard Game Metamorphosis:
  1. You find the game and it is mildly amusing, or perhaps I found you and you are mildly amused
  2. You follow the game for a while (long or short) and begin to decifer the complex scoring system
  3. You want to play, build up your courage and take your first picture.
  4. If it is a fantastic find you are addicted, if it is a small find you are still intrigued
  5. Repeat until something awesome comes your way
  6. You begin to notice yard art springing up in places that you have driven by 100 times
  7. You begin to take risks
  8. Then you begin Yard Speak while driving with family and friends:

Hubby: What time are you riding tomorrow?
Lifeshighway: I dont know I, oh look 3 deer, haven't set up a time maybe, did you see that broken birdbath with the chicken that was great, pretty early.
Hubby: (who has developed selective yard art hearing) Ok, do you need me to set the alarm?

SusanH comments and submits:
"I was surprised to find these 2 houses right down the road from where I grew up... never noticed them before.
Thanks for opening my eyes to a whole new world!"
SusanH has entered stage 6

Score (list provided by SusanH, my comments are in red)

Close to home #1
-       Two iron geese: 2 points
-       Bird bath: 1 point
-       Gnome made especially for Tar Heel fans (hand painted or are there hundreds of these out there to find in the wild?) (could go either way, gnomes are very trendy now, it's a mystery): 4 points
-       Mama duck with two duckings (pretty sure one is adopted)(agreed): 3 points

Close to home #2
-       Milk pail on porch: 1 point
-       Candle lights in every window (blazing at a sunny 10am; inside the window but worth noting): 0 points
-       Red wagon in front flower bed: 1 point
-       Bird house in the tree (probably functional): 0 points
-       Dog under UNC/State flag (a house divided flag): 2 points
-       Dog with 2 puppies at corner of storage shed: 1 point
-       Lawn jockey (kitsch factor): 3 points
-       Wheelbarrow (functioning as flower bed): 1 point
-       Dog holding a basket of flowers over his nose (I'm glad you told me because I thought it was a dog/pelican hybrid): 1 point
-       Bridge to nowhere?: 0 points

Subtotal: 19 points

Creativity Bonus

 A couple of cute homes, nothing really shines but it is our first fan gnome: 1 point

Total: 20 points


  1. Drug another one into your liar. Hook them on dreams of scoring points for broken birdbaths and garden gnome families. The insanity, no hope for detox.

  2. Tufa Girl, dreams of glory cannot be denied. I just fuel the flames.

  3. Was that what that burning smell was?

  4. I've only been reading your blog for a short time but I already find myself looking for yard art when I'm out driving

  5. Ann, it is only a matter of time...

  6. When I break 100, I think I'll take a day off of work to find more yard art. I've got 2 new cameras on order (one for low light and one for under water - no telling what may be below sea level). There is just no time for detox!! Stage 7, here I come!

  7. SusanH if you find yard art underwater then I will have to design a new award for you. I love the low light camera idea, great for evening reconnaissance.


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