Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mr. Roboto's House

Laura of Fetch My Flying Monkeys has the good fortune of being neighbors with an extreme talent - an over-the-top yard art talented neighbor. That talent, my friends, is a gift from the gods. With genius comes a few snakes in the head so maybe not as fortunate to be a next door neighbor.

Laura comments and submits
"Here's pics of a neighbors house I named "Mr. Roboto House." Not only do they decorate these robots for holidays, but they light them up at night. They also have a pair of flamingos that are semi-buried in the Pampas Grass. Please note the rare white one rarely seen in the wild. And they appear to be nesting!"

I hope they made hounds-tooth pink and white babies because I would adopt one of those in a second!

I admit it! I want these these. I want them so bad. I could taunt my neighbors with them and never get bored.

Mr Robotos... Roboti ... Robotomuses,
  • Pink and White (rare) Flamingo hiding in the Love Grass Shack: 2 points
  • 2 Lego men / Robots (not currently decorated - Independence Day hater): 2 points
Subtotal: 4 points

Creativity Bonus

Two large red and black robots loitering under an awning not being dressed up or lit or anything but still spectacular against a white house (I love them): 4 points

Total: 8 points
Welcome to the Loyal Order of the Golden Manatee

You knew it was coming... enjoy 80's goodness:


  1. Ha!! Thank you for my warm welcome and my points! Woot! Can we cash them in at the end of the year?

  2. Could we use them as "get out of jail Free" coupons?

  3. Laura, I can feel a lot of feverish minds working away on this concept.

    Tufa Girl, why not.

  4. OMG I just thought- how funny would it be if we could win gnomes?!

    I'll shut up now.

  5. i'm kilroy!

  6. Diane, see I knew you were a Styx fan.

  7. Domo! Dude what if those were remote control robots and you could hide behind the little porch rail and when people walked by or drove by slow and gawked, you could wave at them with the robot hand.

  8. Lauren, what a great idea. Now I want them even more. You could flip people a little robot bird.


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