Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Portent

And Lo, didst Along Life's Highway The Yard Art Game receive a sign. The field reporter Kristi reports:
Today at our family cookout, my sister said her
piece of Grilled chicken looked like a MANATEE.

Coincidence or conspiracy?
You decide...

She would not eat it.

OMG! Someone cut open a chicken and look at the guts, view tea leaves or look at those little bone things in a cup... Is this good or bad news? Does the grilled manatee foretell good fortune or is there an ill wind a blowing?

aahhhh! Manatee does not approve of barbecue


  1. reminds, actually, that in real life manatees are butt freaking ugly.

  2. Beauty is in the eye of the manatee, who enjoys being golden and not so much being grilled.

  3. Avert your eyes, manatee, do not look upon your fallen breathren! They got to close to that outboard...


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