Thursday, July 29, 2010

Going on Vacation

It's vacation time at Along Life's Highway. I leave today for 4 days of camping with hubby, friends and horses. The Yard Art Game will be running on autopilot. The entries are scheduled to published in the morning. Don't be hurt if I do not respond to your witty responses because I do not know if I have cell coverage at South Mountain.  If not, I'll will catch back up on the action on Sunday evening.

To kick off my first day of freedom: a gift for the eyes and spirit submitted by eventer79

"That's right, FOUR tiers, fully painted and with, uh, lucky magic orb? at the tippy top!"

squee! A 4-decker Carolina blue striped seahorse birdbath in mint condition

  • Seahorse birdbath of rarefied beauty and culture: 3 points
  • Completely unnecessary garden globe topper: 1 point
Subtotal: 4 points

Creativity Bonus

For the lovely gift whose paint job is stunning with the seahorses looking quite fetching with their little black noses (not that I am biased or anything): 3 points

Total: 7 points

I know you will miss my creative typos and cringe inducing misspellings. Scores will be added on Sunday.


  1. I'll definitely miss your creative comments, but I'm glad you're getting away! Have a great time.....Nancy

  2. If you see this- HAVE A GREAT VACATION! If you didn't, hope you had a great vacation. Shame you didn't go to California.

  3. once again, the eventer pulls out a spectacular find. The Dog is speechless. Please excuse that the Dog's dad cannot type or spell this evening.

  4. Have a great trip!!!!!

    And OH MY I bet this one gave you a seagasim.

  5. Diane, The earth did shake a little bit.

  6. Tis truly a thing of beauty.

    I hope your vacation was also beautiful!


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