Sunday, August 29, 2010

Running the fenceline

Although you may think I am a hip urbanite with rarefied tastes, mannerisms and deportment, in actuality I grew up in the country. I know this shocks you... take a moment to recover from this earth shattering discovery of my true nature.

Country people have a deep love of lawn ornamentation. They take to yard art seriously and share their treasures with unabashed pride.

eventer79 comments and submits:

"This collector not only had her own homemade donkey kitsch, but had lined her entire property front fence with decoration as well.  Said fence was probably 50 meters long, I wish I could have fit it in one pic for scale! "

You can just tell a happy friendly person lives here...

Hey y'all

Score (list provided by eventer79, my comments are in red)
  • Wire peacock: 1 point
  • red dangly spinner: 1 point
  • 2 cherubs: 2 points
  • frog: 1 point
  • birdbath: 1 point
  • horsehead on back fence (I prefer horses with their bodies attached, as a general rule): 1 point
  • froggy thingy: 1 point
  • blue flag: 0 points
  • little girl: 1 point
  • giant mouse (I thought it was a mole, or a groundhog?): 1 point
  • enormous flower on a stick: (happy people, have happy wire flowers): 1 point
  • 2 suns on a stick: 2 points
  • teeny flower basket: 1 point
  • snail on a stick (happy people who like things impaled on sticks) 1 point
  • decorative pokey things (fake cattails in miniature?) (impaling and poking) 1 point
  • little squirrel: 1 point
  • star on a stick (they love to cram things on sticks here) (exactly what I said!): 1 point
  • 3 wire heron: 3 points
  • mini cart holding flowers in background: 1 point
  • another frog: 1 point
  • girl with book: 1 point
  • 3 deer: 3 points
  • 2 cherubs in background: 1 point
  • homemade wooden donkey and cart. with folding chair for observers. donkey is forever weary and sad because (home-made but falls within the kitsch ruling) 3 points
  • deformed wooden fish thing is always chasing him (it seems to have 5 eyes): 1 point
  • wind sock: 1 point
  • wooden flag: 1 point
  • egret statue: 1 point
  • waving frog (I like him) 1 point
  • pile o turtles: 1 point
  • pelican on a stump: 1 points
  • silver orbs (on a stick): 1 point
  • cross w/ angel: 0 points
  • more silver orbs: 1 points
  • mini canada goose flapping his wings at a fallen comrade: 2 points
  • two fallen statues: ( I am thinking they are dutch people but not enough info to make a calling): 2 points
  • dove on a stick: 1 point
  • boy with hat: 1 point
  • two canada geese: 1 point
  • teeny kid statue: 1 point
  • teeny turtle statue: 1 point
  • rainbow flower on a stick: 1 point
  • two kids hiding behind fence: 1 points
  • wire orb holder (good play, but looks religious calling the anti-lighting rule): 0 points
  • another flag: 0 points
  • squirrel: 1 point
  • wire flamingo. on a stick. of course. (of course) 1 point
Subtotal: 47 points

Creativity Bonus

While the fence presentation is very entertaining, and I enjoyed the display along the road, the collection lacked a dramatic flare. A good mega-yard because of the line up but not a great one: 2 points

Total: 49 points

3 yummy taste treats all in one package on a stick! Let the city people beat that!


    1. Hey, if you dip that pancake sausage cookie in Baconnaise, you have a complete meal!

    2. I have to say, I am a bit disappointed that there were no marshmallow bits.

    3. THAT is one happy frog. I like it.

      On a side note- I pass a house too and fro work and it has the entire perimeter just covered with wee lawn ornaments. COVERED. I have scoped out a parking area so I can idly walk by, probably whistling very non-chalant like, maybe a Disney tune- camera hidden in hand. There appears to be literally hundreds nay THOUSANDS of ornaments and it's not an ornament dealer! This is just a warning that should I survive this adventure, I'm 'bout to bust this game wide open.

    4. Wow, the slideshow, the music, the lawn ornaments, sausage & choc. chip pancakes on a stick...and Laura's threat of domination! My head is swimming and I feel a little sick at the mention of Baconnaise.

    5. Laura, are you laying down a challenge because there are a few of the top reporters who will only get more motivated if they think someone is after their piece of fame and glory.

      I, on the other hand, wait in much anticipation.

      Lola Nova, I know it was a lot to take in first thing on a Monday morning. It was a little exhausting putting together last night. On the other hand, I will be on the look out for Baconnaise.

    6. Well, just to give ya'll fair warning I found a good yard too, just haven't figured out how to take pictures of it yet.

    7. That's right! I would not be counting Winnie out, I am still calling her as the dark horse this season.

    8. Doesn't anyone have a jar of marshmallow creme?

    9. Tufa Girl, yeah that would be good eatin'

    10. If you can put the marshmallow creme in the Baconnaise, I have died and gone to heaven.
      How can you have a better slogan than "Everything should taste like bacon."


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