Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where an important new methodology is revealed

Tufa Girl shares a brilliant and earth shattering field reporter method to escape capture. Let's all huddle around her and learn:

"Yard art stalking technique #44. - Look for yard art across the street from house for rent or sale.  You can hover, have a camera in hand and can easily say you were taking pictures of the yard art (er, neighbors) to remind you of the neighborhood."

Mrs. Jones was always confused about the concept of a screen

Score (list provided by Tufa Girl, my comments are in red)
  • 2 birdbaths – one for tall birds – one for short birds: seems fair 2 points
  • Angel with flower wand on black hanger (if an angel has a wand, she's a fairy): 1 point
  • Cute birdhouse: functional 0 points
  • Huge flat ladybug in small tree: 1 point
  • Stained glass window on hummingbird hanger: (um, I am liking the windows): 0 points
  • Lone Star flag on hanger: (Mrs. Jones likes a hanger): 1 point
  • Bathing Bunny with carrot and bath: 1 point
  • Angel (?) statue: (fairy) 1 point
  • 2 pink flamingos shoved in the crepe myrtle: (flamingo shame) 2 points
  • Red white and blue boot (wonder if it has a star?): (I wonder if it has a hat) 1 point
  • 4 huge dragon flies on a trellis(?): 4 points
  • 8 clear and green insulators (a yard art first?!?) (I used to see these quite a bit years ago): 8 points
  • 2 shiny balls on tall stakes: 2 points
  • Square lampshade in middle of flower bed (what the…) (Mrs. Jones is also somewhat confused about electricity): 1 point
  • Welcome banner with birdhouses: 1 point
  • Some other decorative gray hanger to the right: 1 point
  • Handle to nowhere ( left of square lampshade): (I think it may be a wagon): 1 point
  • Lovely heart shaped trellises holding hanging plants: functional and pretty 0 points
  • 4 green iron stars (boy it was hot today, these stars came in handy) (hee) 4 points
  • 2 stained glass windows hanging: (still liking them): 0 points
  • Big ol’ Texas star in circle: (of course) 1 point
  • Butterfly hanger (functional): 0 points
  • Banner all twirled up: 1 points
  • 3 Iridescent light bulbs (so that is what those are): 3 points
  • 2 sunflower wreaths (ugly) 2 points
  • White angel (hiding behind utility pole): 0 points
  • White flat iron lady bug (another flat one, really?): 1 points
  • Patriotic heart with stars and Texas hanger on porch: 1 point
  • Really cool white birdhouse on porch (maybe that is what the orange tabby is stalking): 1 point
  • More flowery bits on the porch (is it a wreath?)(and ugly): 1 point
  • Twirly hanger with a flower angel and sunflower bow thingy (hangers again): 1 point
  • One white gnome standing – one reclining?: (good eye) 8 points
  • Green birdbath base with purple orb (interesting color choices): 2 points
  • Tiny orb on a stick – (I know, night report needed) (yep): 1 point
  • Iron sundial next to tall finial trellis (hmm, sundial basically do work): 0 points
  • 2 orange orbs along sidewalk – one looks like it is melted (it has been hot here): 2 points
  • Some white twirly thingy behind tree next to drive: 1 points
Subtotal: 58 points

Creativity Bonus

The yard presentation has a lot of random bits and pieces but I love the inexplicable lamp in the garden bed: 1 point

Total: 59 points



  1. had to look real hard to find the birdhouse

  2. Sorry Crafty Gardener, I take my birdhouses when I can get them.

  3. Haha, love the blog, thanks for the laughs! I have some pretty gay little yard arts in my yard that were there before I ever moved in, and for some reason I can't find the gumption to get rid of them.

    Single Dad Laughing

  4. Single Dad, that is because they claim your soul. It's OK, we are all in the it together.

  5. Tufa Girl... You must go back in a week or two. Those tires in the brown truck are there to be turned into beautiful whitewashed scalloped edged planters. I am teary eyed just to think of such majestic - osity!

  6. Kristi, of course! you are right!

    I tell you, nothing beats the beauty of an inside out white spray painted tired cut into a daisy.



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