Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cow Attitude

Being a celebrity athlete and renowned world wide as childhood icon, Bessie had some clout.

"After the milk sponsorship and Hersey signed me as spokes-cow I no longer find it necessary to to go leaping about. The terms of my contract specifically stated that said moon would come to me alleviating the need for major feats of caloric expenditure. Now some one get me a Bling H2O and a deep fried Snickers."

Originally uploaded by Dean Jeffrey

One day when I'm get rich and famous as a blogging icon, I'm buying the water:


  1. That's an awesome piece of lawn art right there.

  2. Laura, The cow does demand a certain amount of respect for her awesomeness.

  3. I think that is Bessie and Scooby Doo's love child.

  4. A diva Bessie! I love it. Hold on, going to the State Fair of Texas this weekend - fried snickers coming right up. If you are good maybe a "fried beer".

  5. I don't know; that squished udder looks painful - kind of like a bovine mammogram!!!

    Nancy in Iowa - saying farewell for a while as I embark on my extensive road trip, with baby Henry as my first stop!! Maybe Diane will show me some Savannah yard art.....

  6. So, how big is that cow?

    And for Bling---it's WATER, people. W A T E R!

  7. Mom L, have a great trip. Say hello to Diane and baby Henry.

    Lin, not sure about the scale. As for Bling it is not just water, its watery water so that's better.

  8. Cows as lawn art are bad enough, but the moon too?

  9. gardenwalkgardentalk, the moon is pretty ugly and not at fitting for a throne for Miss Bessie.


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