Saturday, October 16, 2010

Revealing Parts Of My Personal Life

It is Fall. What does Fall mean to me:

1. Endurance races - the hellish summer heat is over and I am on my horse, messing with my horse, training my horse or traveling with my horse.
2. I am in Marketing and it is trade show season. This time every year, I am working overtime, pulling out my hair and basically stressing about not being able to do more of #1

The result: Less time for blogging. And the poor little Yard Art Game is suffering. Submissions have dropped, my statistics have dropped. And why would that bother someone who is already too busy? Because I am pretty much an obsessed nut-ball.

Anyway today we will discuss one of my obsessions:Pete. I got it in my mind that Pete, the horse, would really appreciate not carrying around my over-large butt. So over the Summer and Fall, I have been losing weight. Less weight means an easier time for Pete, right?

Therefore I thought I would share a before and after picture:
That's my personal trainer in the "after" doesn't he look good.


  1. Congrats! I have too, I'm pretty excited!

  2. My goodness! Your personal trainer has worked you both right down to the bone:-)

  3. LOL! Your personal trainer certainly IS very fit! As are you I might add! Well-done! Now give me your address b/c I'm going to come take you out for a hamburger ok? ;)

  4. Yeah for you Lauren!

    Klahanie, I can always count on you to state the obvious

    Sam, yes he is a great trainer and does not take any whining from me. Don't worry I ate good today at lunch.

  5. I have as well, but I probably would have lost it faster with your trainer! Good job, LH!

  6. You can find your lost pounds firmly attached to my backside.
    Also , there must be a bone joke in here somewhere.

    I shall scrape up a few new entries to fill up your spare time. lol

  7. LVL, now you just need to get a horse!

    Kristi, I am sure there is a bone joke in there somewhere.

    No need to scrape but we are always amused by what you find.

  8. Congrats on your weight loss, though I hope it's not as severe as that gnome! With the heat of summer leaving, I find I want to spend more time away from the computer too. I really hope you keep blogging.

  9. Bah, who cares about statistics when you're looking so damn fine! Just be careful not to jab poor Pete in the back with your hip bone.

  10. Laura, what are you talking about I am the gnome.

    Marguerite, that is what saddles are for.

  11. Congrats on the weight loss. I'm sure Pete appreciates it, but appreciates the time you spend together more. :)

    I hate when work gets in the way of fun. Sigh.


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