Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cups Ahoy - The Great Debate

Presented is the last entry of the year, and the one I found the most difficult to judge. I called in The Higher Power (The Yard Art Game official mediator), I discussed it with the hubby and other family members. I contacted friends who have no skin in the game. Am I a little bit obsessed with the blog...perhaps. Do I want to make the correct calling...absolutely.

eventer79 submits:

Go ahead and view the wonder. For the greater effect, click on the photo to enlarge. I'll wait.

That's right, it is an OCD marvel of cupdom, a massive collection of epic proportion. Obviously hundreds, maybe thousands of cups are involved with this display. A tear, slowly trickled down the side of my face by the majesty of this insanity.

But...does it score by the cup? No is does not. Here me out.

The fence is presented as a complete whole. I would dare call it art. As the broken tiles of a mosaic  toilet makes a complete work:

so do the cups on the cuptastic fence.

Calling from The Higher Power: 
Oh wow… my immediate response is to count them. Which is tricky, because they kind of remind me of those fences with boots stuck on the top (which I wouldn’t count), only done by an excessive coffee drinker instead of a cowboy. But they ARE manmade items, and they ARE used creatively, and I DO like coffee. So I would be generous and give it 3 points and a creativity bonus. After all, we count those dumb garden fences made out of tires painted white. 

THP is a tough judge but she makes my point, my immediate reaction was to count each cup too. The Higher Power suggests I give a few points for the fence but not to count each cup. On further reflection, I recalled this:
Diane submitted the beach shoe fence which I called as one piece of art and did not count each shoe.

So with a heavy heart because everyone hates the referee:


Fence and cup covered building: 3 points (per THP)

Subtotal: 3 points

Creativity Bonus

For the most amazing collection ever created by a coffee drinker and a true reflection of the insanity of the south: 4 points

Total: 7 points

The manatee raises a cup to a unique and awe inspiring tribute to the love of caffeine.

Let the debate begin... I can take it.


  1. I maintain that the cups are individual -- and I maintain that there is dishware precedent. Plates counted. What if there was a gnome on each peg? That would count. Or a flamingo. *sigh* Everyone hates a winner. And hey, I didn't even get to send in the other pics yet.

  2. I know, I waited for the other pictures but I am trying to write up my end of year show and felt the door closing on submissions.

    I agree there is a dishware precedent but this goes beyond dishware.

  3. I agree with lifeshighway on this one. Cup fence is a whole. I think gnomes and flamingos are different in that they are expected as yard art. The creativity bonus is a given.

  4. I agree, as a whole. But thanks for already answering my question...the building IS covered in cups as well..although I do have one other question...just what the hell brand of coffee does this person drink anyway?????!!!!
    It's gotta be something illegal I just know it!DAMNIT

  5. The other picture went up.

    GWGT, it was a difficult call as it determined the overall high point scorer of the year.

    Jester, I hope the second picture helped. Yes, the entire building is covered with cups. I'm with you, coffee is good but it is not THAT GOOD.

  6. well, obviously i'd be lying if i said i was disappointed in your decision lol. but man that is one kick-ass submission..good to the last drop!

    i feel as though eventer and i are kind of like the original karate kid and his opponent- and you, life's highway, YOU are mr. miyagi...showering us with your wisdom and knowledge of the game.


    hope you have a fabulous new year up there in cackalacky....xoxoxo!

  7. Maybe this is where the gnomes store their coffee cups---the secret gnome convention center. Donna, get out you special gnome sensitive equipment and get to work. Eventer79 was my biggest supporter. Where was Diane when I needed her? Carolyn

  8. That cup submission is awesome, but I would be remiss as a Team Mom if I didn't admit to a teensy bit of gladness for Diane!!! Well done, everyone!!!

  9. The cup house is fabulous.I would love to see a house done with old IUD's.

  10. I am speechless... Author! Author! I want to see the author of the Cup House!

  11. That's right, Carolyn, I was there for you, girl! And I hold fast to my position that each cup is an individual item. They were not all placed at once, as one would with a set "art piece." They have been added over the years to reach this extent.

  12. Maxwell House coffee, perhaps?

    I agree that the fence is one thing. But then, I'm way to lazy to count all those cups.

    Either way, it's one awesome entry.

  13. Just to let you know, my wife bought me a University of Texas gnome for Christmas. That's pretty crazy, huh? You're blog has actually effected my life!

    On a different note, there is a house with all sorts of decorative frogs in the front yard. I WILL be climbing that leaderboard soon!

  14. Diane,I like being mr. miyagi but I wonder which of you are the Karate Kid?

    Carolyn, keep stumping for eventer, I hate being the bad guy.

    Mom L, It has been a great year with fabulous yards. Tomorrow starts the review. I agree great job everyone

    Laura, ah ha ha, no wait... that is disturbing.

    Tatyana, I am in search of this house because I would like to interview the artist. I am sure there is a great story behind this project.

    eventer79, I can be swayed if you get enough support. But most people so far, have agreed with my ruling.

    MyMaracas, good to see you! The yard is indeed fabulous

    Johnny, way to go... you have your first 4 points to place in your yard. Look forward to your contributions in 2011.

  15. It would appear that I am in 6th place ...except #'s are not in correct order uhmmm ! Wow, what a tough call for you. I would be so tempted to have co - winners. but, I know that cannot be. i am just an old softy.
    It has been so much fun and I revel in the comments. Thanks for making me smile... ALL OF YOU on some sometimes not so smiley days.

  16. I'd like to see the person who drinks the coffee! - maybe it was done all at once - bzzzzzz!

    I'm leaning toward the fence being one thing, BUT the building should be a separate thing.

  17. I've got to vote against the majority here, and say that I think each cup should count. Good points brought up by other commenters: Plates count individually; if it were gnomes or flingo-flingos, they would likely count individually; the cups were added to the fence over time, so it isn't like it's one artpiece. Just my 2 cents; your mileage may vary.

  18. See! MG is exactly correct and I love them. Chris J also brings up a good point that you can't lump the whole property as one thing anyway, fences and houses are not the same.

  19. Morning Glory, I understand your argument but I am sticking with my tiling theory. eventer79 supporters do seems to be picking up steam.

    eventer79, I gave you 3 points, that would include the house.

  20. Extra points for creativity...that is amazing!

  21. Three points?! Just 3 points for more coffee mugs than I have ever seen in my whole life! And they are all together in one houseandgarden!! I rather like the mosaic on the toilet, if only it WASN'T a toilet ...

  22. Ok, I am shocked and awed! Freakin' fantastic!
    Whilst I can't imagine counting each individual cup, I do think some sort of extra bonus points should be awarded for the sheer magnitude of this endeavor. Or at least a rousing chorus of "You're the Best"! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fWvub_WBho

  23. Lola Nova, I know. You may not believe this but I have worried over this calling for days. Before I posted it and after I posted it. I totally agree, this does call for a great round of "You're the Best".

    I really want to watch Karate Kid, now.

  24. Good call lifeshighway. If the cups had been strewn across the yard, perhaps they should be counted individually. However, added to the fence and house, I agree that they were intended to be an "art" piece. And, I do not agree that if the fence had been plastered in gnomes or flamingos, you would have counted them separately. I think you would have made the same call.

  25. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the time and resources it took to put the whole freakin' thing together?!! I envision a bunch of "Quad Venti" Starbucks junkies drooling at the fence like the 'Walking Dead'! (I never go past a 'Triple Venti' myself... just sayin')


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