Monday, December 6, 2010

The field reporter blood runs deep

Late breaking news: some field reports are made and some are born to with the desire for the hunt. It's that whole nature/nurture thing with a yard art twist.

Diane comments and submits:

"While on vacation last weekend I saw a house in dad's neighborhood that I wanted to get pics of- so when we went out later that day I had to explain the game to him, then I asked him to slow down so I could take some quick pics from the car. He told me to go ahead and get out so I could get better shots, that the people wouldn't mind.

hesitantly I did.

Sure as sh*t the lady came out all wild eyed asking what I was my dad just smiled and told her I was taking pics for a yard gnome contest.

she paused for a minute then got a big grin and said, "well then don't forget the one over there in the tree!"


And there it is, the rare tree dwelling gnome or he is hunting pig... it could go either way
flamingo couple
I am sure there is a perfectly good explanation why snail would live on your boots

The welcome trap
  • Gnome in tree: 4 points + 1 point for the stand
  • Innocent bystander pig: 1 point
  • Rooster: 1 point
  • 2 flamingos (none glowing variety): 2 points
  • Snail infested boot (and a slug, yuck): 4 points
  • Gnome getaway vehicle: 1 point
  • Welcoming "stop and smell the flowers" sign: 1 point
  • Jokester gnome who will smack your nose with the broom when you bend over: 4 points
  • Chubby squirrel who enjoys the wack-a-nose: 1 point
  • Ornate flowery girl (innocent of all wrong doing): 1 point
  • Lady bug: 1 point
Subtotal: 22 points

Creativity Bonus

Where the display is not especially unusual, I do like the gnomes laying in wait: 2 points

Score: 24 points

Gold balls seem to run in the family:
between Diane and her father, she now has a full set.


  1. Wow, you got caught. That happened to me once while shooting the yard with hundreds of yellow rubber ducks. They had maybe 30 gnomes too. The lady came out but was really nice. Just like where you were. Gnome in a tree, my lady had ducks in her trees. Planning to go back again next

  2. Nice job to Diane and her dad. Sounds like conflict mediation skills can be handy in this game as well.

  3. Yeah, her dad has more balls then I do - I was terrified someone would catch me trying to take those awful blurry photos in my neighborhood for her!!!

  4. GWGT, whenever a field reporter is caught and manages to get out alive with a photo they are awarded a golden ball of bravery. Sounds like you have the potential.

    eventer79, Diane's Dad is quick on his feet.

    Slumdunk, the life of a field reporter is a difficult one full of danger and strife. Mediation skills would come in very handy.

    MomL, It's OK... we already kinda knew you did not have a set.

  5. Brilliant! What bravery on the part of Diane and her Dad! I love that the owner didn't ask any questions about the game, just wanted to make sure she got the FULL effect! Priceless!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. A heartwarming tale that proves that inter-generational gnome hunting lives on. Nice work.

  7. El Gaucho, and that when daughters and fathers work together, they can obtain a full set of balls.

  8. Thanks for a good laugh! Just shows that a smile and the promise of stardom will take you far in the gnome world.

  9. AFANM, sorry I skipped over you. My theory is that most yard artist want to share if you show a little admiration for their creation.

    debsgarden, well yeah because posting on The Yard Art game will win you fame and fortune.

  10. my dad will be so proud of my big balls- he always wanted a boy instead :)

  11. Diane, I am sure he is very proud besides he got something better than a boy, he has got a girl with gold balls.

    You really can't top that.

  12. I FINALLY got the balls (!) to get a picture today, its nice to know others get anxiety too!

  13. Jester, some reporters have all kinds of anxiety. I will have to do another entry on stealth techniques.


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