Monday, December 13, 2010

Flamingo - A Florida Parasite

You may not believe this but I am not a big fan of the yard flamingo.  I never saw them when I was a child. My formative yard art spotting skills were honed from the culture shock of moving to rural North Carolina from Oregon. (Yes, that is right, I am a FAKE southerner. I moved here at the age of 10) My blood does not run stars and bars. I am a lifetime Southern observer, and what I enjoy observing the most is yard art.

My heart belongs to back country kitsch: the donkey, the dutch people and of course the anointed seahorse birdbath. But I very much appreciate how much others love the pink flamingo, especially Floridians and eventer79

Diane submits from her vacation in Florida

Flamingo with a growth spurt
The rare turtle flamingo

Don't watch the orgy son
woo hoo Nascar birds - um
 A whirly minus one gig

  • Flamingo on extra tall stick: 1 point
  • Tiny windmill: 1 point
  • Flower light (pretty but functional): 0 points
  • 16 more various and assundry shaped and sized pink birds: 16 points
  • 3 insects on a stick: 3 points
  • 3 wind chimes: 3 points
  • Flying duck (literally): 1 point
  • Pierced heart: 1 point ( I would call "holiday" but they seem to have a pink theme going here)
  • 2 suns and a moon: 3 points
  • Hilly billy ball on a fancy stand: 2 points
  • Dragonfly: 1 point
  • A pig and fish because well, just because: 2 points
  • Nascar flag (haven't a clue, not a fan... some racing guy): 0 points
  • Flamingo Whirligig very high to catch the sea air (I made that up): 1 point
Subtotal: 35 points

Creativity Bonus

For a flamingo infestation (I think you can get stuff for that at the drug store): 2 points

Total: 37 points

Oh, but I like the glowy ones, they are magical:

Hey little pink dudes, are you lost?


  1. I like finding the flamingos, especially flocks of them. Not too many up north though. I have some to send in too.

  2. Flamingos are the unicorns of yard art. Unless of course the yard has unicorn yard art in it too, then it's just a flamingo.

  3. Laura, assigning a flamingo the same status as a unicorn is a pretty bold move. Unicorns are my favorest animal.

    But as far as I know, they don't glow in the dark, so I will give you that.

  4. Not a fan of flamingos!!! I can't believe my ears. I think my all time favourite post here was the ginormous flock of plastic flamingos in some field. Now I'll have to go looking for that post.....

  5. Poor one-gigged flamingo, so lopsided that he permanently leans to starboard. Makes me sad.

  6. In my family we call them 'Flingo-flingos', because WAAAAAY back in the late 50's, when I was a wee sprite, a neighbor in New Jersey had them in his yard, and I couldn't say 'Flamingo'. Every day, my grandfather and I would walk up to the corner to see the Flingo-flingos in Mr. Zagotti's front yard. They'll always be Flingo-flingos to me.

  7. Marguerite, I know that I am shocking a some of you but you will notice that I do not have a special bonus for the pink bird. I mean I like them as yard art but I don't have the love.

    El Gaucho, I am sad too and some of it is because you made me look up starboard and I still don't get it. I have directional impairments. I have to make the "L" with my hand.

    MorningGlory, YES. We have a new phrase that will become part of The Yard Art Game lingo: Flingo-flingo. I love it. I will put it with Hill Billy Balls and use it as needed.

  8. As a 5+ generation southerner I think I'll give you your honorary creds for becoming such a connoisseur of yard art. Even if you don't like flamingos. That's just weird. ;)

  9. Eliza, thank you for the honorary cred. I appreciate that I am weird in my likes and dislikes of certain yard art favorites. But that is what makes it art!

    Also I cannot resist shiny, glowing or sparkling things.

    And unicorns.

  10. So, eventer79...will we get an update on the glow in the dark winning flamingo before year's end? Or are you saving up for next year?

  11. The last house, with all the Christmas lights, just wouldn't be complete without the glowing flamingos! However, though I truly think a living flamingo is one of God's great artistic creations, I cringe at most of man's pitiful imitations. I will entertain concrete bunnies, but no flamingos for me!

  12. I hope Diane took a flingo-flingo home to put in her own yard for Henry's enjoyment!

  13. I am not a Flamingo fan either, What I want is the donkey with a cart. Have not found one yet!!

  14. I just about fell off my chair when I read the caption to the last photo (Christmas lights & glowing flamingos)!... YOU sure can turn a phrase!!

  15. yeah, eventer79 you are pretty quiet about the glowy flamingo.

    Yeah, debsgarden... you are on my side.

    MomL, if Diane picked up a flingo-flingo, I'm sure we will see a picture of it pretty soon.

    Weekend Cowgirl, the donkey with a flower cart rocks!

    Shyrlene, thanks and stay in your chair.

  16. i am in love with "flingo-flingo"

  17. Flingo-flingo can stay at Flaming Jo's Guest-house ;>)

  18. When checking back to see your response to my comment, I realized I did not pick your post. I always try to pick when I comment. It gets and keeps the post fresh to the Blotanical list. Sorry. I just picked you now. Hope it stays up another day or two.

  19. Diane, I am too!

    Elephant Eye, Flingo-flingos can stay anywhere they want. I'll go check out the guest house.

    GWGT, oh I am so sorry, how did I miss you. Especially with the pro-offered flamingo submissions. I agree with you, if you are going to go Flamingo then you should go all out flock. OMG, don't apologize for not picking me. This is just fun and games.

  20. Boy I get a kick out of that last photo with the lighted flamingos. What will they come up with next?

  21. Tina, I am holding out for a glow in the dark seahorse birdbath.

  22. One of these days I'll likely have a flamingo. The question is, will it be a pink one? There was a burnt-orange one I saw in a store awhile back -- should have bought it while I had the chance! This is Austin, ya know...


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