Monday, December 20, 2010

Hey, I Can Enjoy Subtle Humor and The League of Evil

Carolyn from Carolyn's Shade Garden submits (and sort of challenges):

"Here in the western suburbs of Philadelphia known through tah-tah history as the "Main Line", we don't go in for gnomes, plaster bird baths, painted tires, Snow White with or without her dwarves, and bottles on sticks.  In
fact, I don't think I have ever seen any of those fine accouterments of yard art in this area---we are sorely deprived.  However, we do go in for more subtle and shall we say bizarre ornamentations like the display of large rocks with no apparent connection to the landscape, which I will cover later.
(We have had many a debate on rocks.)

Today I want to send you photos of a little vignette up the street from me. I like to call it "The One that Got Away" or "The Horse is out of the Barn" or "Never Give up Hope" or something along those lines.  The wire fence,with the light standing sentinel, has been "protecting" that totally denuded, normally evergreen yew bush from the deer for over 15 years.  I have to say it has taken years for me to truly appreciate the humor in it so I will understand if it doesn't appear on your site."

So, Carolyn do you think I am not brave enough to display your discovery:

OMG, THIS IS MY YARD only in Philadelphia and not a yew but every day lily, rose, hosta and pansy I have ever planted. And I can tell you that white wire fortresses  DO NOT WORK!

I have a theory, it involves gnomes and deer. Gnomes lure deer into yards where people are especially capable of losing their minds. Take me for example, I have deer eating stuff in my yard and I throw rocks at them and they just move out of the way AND I own two gnomes.

Where perfect yard next door neighbor lady, does not run a deer buffet and her day lilies bloom with wanton abandon... and she does NOT own a gnome.

My conclusion, your didn't get the picture Carolyn, but there is a gnome near by.

Heavily researched evidence:

Clandestine meeting between garden allies...

 psst... no don't look at me.. day lilies will bloom tomorrow, tonight eat the blooms pass it on
You too, Bambi!
Secret deer indoctrination to garden snacking. High pitch chanting and forced hugging is involved

The League of Evil: Gnome, deer, doll

hey, you looking at us, Happy Holidays and give me your plants


  1. No gnomes because they are all encamped in the North Pole taking on Santa. They have a beef with him. The deer are acting alone.

  2. Maybe the Philly yard gnome is just buried--sort of like the groundhog waiting to take a peek and determine winter's length.

  3. GWGT, It could be a cell. Deer may be acting on gnome doctrine.

    Slamdunk, but I am more inclined to agree with you. There is a little mastermind somewhere nearby, why not just underground.

  4. Hey, where are my points. How am I to move up in this game? I've got my sights on Diane. I demand a recount. Carolyn

  5. I want that red mushroom with the family of bears or weasels or whatever the hell they are living under it. It reminds me of my college days.

  6. I think you may have something there, carolynnshadegardens...
    "There must be a gnome in there somewhere" - 1 point (not as much as a SEEN gnome)

  7. Carolyn, you present the zen of yard art. There is no points, in fact there is nothing. Amusing yes, but there is nothing to score.

    Laura, that was a toy from the 80's. Little animal family sets were available. Anyone remember the name of them?

    Tufa Girl, I like the concept of assigning points from what must be there some where but then it would lead to chaos, chaos... I tell you.

  8. Thanks for the laughter. AND I do mean guffaws!!
    It's much appreciated at this time of year/ given that I've been dealing with a major life move, especially.
    Cheers to you and the gnomes of the world;-))

  9. Alice Joyce, thanks and I hope your major event goes smoothly.

  10. What a theory! I have to agree those white wire fortresses don't work, got a few of my own. Happy Holidays to you.

  11. You are thinking of the Sylvanian Families. Yes, yes I did. I had the raccoon family, the grey rabbit family, and the brown rabbit family.

    Oh, and that is the creepiest snow white I have ever seen.

  12. Tina, I know. They look all fortressy but they let you down.

    eventer79, YES, that's it! the Sylvanian Families. Why am I not surprised you knew this.

    Snow White looks like she is drawing the life force out of the poor doe.

  13. Hmpf! Imagine targeting my sweet daughter, Diane. And I think the gnomes in the last 2 photos canNOT be evil, as they look like kindly grandfathers. Of course, gnomes are meant to deceive, so just...maybe...


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