Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Are Having a Snow Apocalypse

Here in the South we are getting slammed with a snow storm. It's pretty but I can't help but be pissed because here in North Carolina snow causes massive school and business closings. The whole area shuts down like the end of the world. We are warned to stay off the roads, stay home and, cover our heads under the blankets until the white plague goes away. Sooo, there is nothing more disappointing than a snow on a Sunday during my end-of-the-year break. So unfair.

Caesar, The Higher Power's Sammy and Vincent wondering "What the hell!"

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. If you wanted it white... good for you and the snow. But in Florida all is green and bright.

comments and submits:

"I thought the little guy by the rock might be a manatee but I think it is just an otter?"

Flipper, a sea mammal barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic dolphin. Flipper will be that dolphin. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster and gets great cell reception.

  • Pelican: 1 point
  • Aquatic themed bird bath, with stumpy pedistal and a pissed offed pelican with an antenna: 3 points
  • Jabba the sea otter: 1 point
  • Cherub: 1 point

Subtotal: 6 points

Creativity Bonus

For putting a snorkel in an dolphin's head and giving Flipper a chronic headache and a basically nasty outlook on life: 2 points

Total: 8 points

In honor of the snow and my hubby outside running in it, I bring you the insantity of his sport :

 Any resemblance to real persons, living or immodest, is purely coincidental


  1. The next time I volunteer to work at a triathalon I need to request an assignment with this view...

  2. Tufa, I certainly wouldn't want to be in the front.

  3. Ahhh, if only George C. Scott (The Day of the Dolphin) were still with us! He could have trained that dolphin to overcome her limitations and do great scientific things! As for the athletic view - hmmmmm!!!!

  4. I don't know Mom L, that dolphin looks more like the place a bomb on the bridge footing type.

    I been to a few competitions and I as of yet, have not seen quite this level of dedication.

  5. That is dedication! Hope you have lots of groceries...we shut down when we have snow here too and as long as my pantry is stocked, I kinda like it!

  6. Whimsical Gardener, there is something about being snowed in and having the immediate need to eat... cookies, brownies, chocolate...

  7. Somehow the snow missed us and hit you?! I'm apalled. I have holiday snowshoes to try out and there's nothing but mud here. well thank God for Florida where the yard art still shines.

  8. Marguerite, I am a little envious of the holiday snowshoes. Although I suspect, I would end up face planted in the snow.

  9. I have been watching the news and am amazed at the snow every where but here. We have wind but no real snow to speak of, except what is on the ground already.Your runner looks like he lost his Santa suit. I agree with Tufa Girl. This looks like an interesting triathalon.

  10. From the front, is this "stranger " wrapped like the guy was a few days ago ? I printed this and held the paper up to the light ...still no money shot. Oh well, my heart could not stand the strain anyway... SIGH
    WHAT ?.... sighs matter !

  11. GWGT, you can have all my snow. I won't mind a bit.

    Kristi, nice try! Your plan could have worked... I can't deduce flaw in your logic.

  12. Oh, Kristi, I am still chuckling after reading your comment!!! And Diane told me they even had snow flurries in Savannah this morning - I'm still gazing at the same snow from a few days ago!!!

  13. Here in Scotland when it snows and things grind to a halt we seem to think all other country's cope better than we do. Show off guy, I bet he was hoping someone was watching, yes from the back and not the front in this cold weather.

  14. Finally I found a blog where people are talking about snow, and I can say that we got out first of the year 12". Fire in the fireplace, plenty of food, no where to go---perfect. I will curl up and work on my 2011 catalogue. Carolyn

  15. Mom L, I am still looking at the snow from yesterday but I cannot imagine flurries in Savannah.

    Alistair, I assumed that in Scotland you could handle the snow. I agree, with your theory but I suppose triathletes are so though, they can't let a little thing like modesty get in their way.

    Caroyln, I keep saying I am going to work on a calendar but can't seem to get my focus. Anyway I have a year end show to put on!

  16. You know it is scary when the dogs are afraid to go out in it and pee. Chickens! We've got I-dunno-how-many inches (snow, I mean. NOT the naked guy) and we just barrel through. Winter is not for pansies.

  17. Lin, I freely and whole heartedly agree that I am a winter pansy. So are my dogs.

    But not the naked guy, he seems to take to the cold without reservations.


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