Sunday, January 31, 2010

Training for Valentines Day

On a break from flying sprints, Cupid tries to warm himself on a sundial.

No one said little naked gods of love are brilliant.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Support Your Local Cause

Today we are going to play a game. Yes, a game within a game. We need to determine what the heck is going on here. This is the challenge.

Pontiac Catalina (formerly KB9VGH) submits for our review

please click on the photo for the whole effect because we need clarification people


  • 3 penguins wearing sombreros: 6 points (the little buggers are wearing tiny hats)
  • Eyeball garland (yes that is exactly what I said: 1 point
  • 2 Patriotic beribboned wind socks covering fly traps (that's my guess what is yours): 2 points
  • 3 flowered fabric sand bags (I have no clue, ballast?): 3 points
  • Cause sign and ribbons: 0 points
  • Cosy bird apartment including, bedroom bath and kitchen with electric: 0 points
  • Plastic flowers for that festive touch: 0 points

    Subtotal: 9 points

    Creativty Bonus

    The doorway is festooned with eyeball garland while Mexican penguins ride astride the door frame. Gaily framed by crocheted and ribboned fly traps and ballasted by print flower sandbags... that is one door that invites me in: 4 points

    Total: 13 points

    Enter at your own peril

    We await your theories.

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    The Trap Has Been Set

    My mother is a yard art collector. There, I confessed and feel much better for the telling. She moves and rearranges her items around the yard in a myriad of designs and presentations. Or they move around the yard while we sleep. I do not exclude this possibility.

    Imagine my horror stumbling upon this unfolding drama.

    Welcome... Welcome dear cats to this comfy bed of fluffy leaves. Sleep, rest and restore your soul. You are welcome here.

    And the gnome inches ever forward with his whirling blades of death.


    • Garden Gnome whose weapon of choice is a lawnmower: 4 points
      Sleeping unsuspecting kitty: 1 point
    • Tiny Welcome flag sets the trap: 0 points (the jury is still out on whether to count decorator flags)

    Subtotal: 5 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the ever continuing gnome/cat feud and the heinous trap for tired felines: 3 points

    Total: 8 points

    Decorator flags: They are not art but are they score worthy?

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    Pleasure Spurned - A Backyard Trajedy

    Diane pines on her ivory fountain for love of a Bear. Baloo spurns her offering of heated tub for two with a disdainful turn of his back. He prefers a solitary bath in his private bird spa to the advances of a lovestruck nymph. And so there she remains rejected, clutching her shell to her ample bosom in despair.

    Tufa Girl sadly submits:

    and she cannot even reach the trampoline...

    • 2 strawberry jars used for decoration: 2 points
    • 2 decorative milk cans (and bucket holder): 2 points
    • Birdbath shaped as a flower: 1 point
    • Bear who resists the serene song of the hot tub: 1 point
    • Stock tank (in a flower bed? perhaps it is a well): 0 points
    • Maiden fountain (concealing what I wonder): 1 point
    Subtotal: 7 points

    Creativity Bonus

    Wires are connected the water fountain to the stock tank. The stock tank is wired to something underground and has what I suspect is spurter for aeration. I believe we did not catch the presentation at its full glory. Guessing there are lights, too. But for the bleakness of the water nymph because I really do believe she would have a great time on that trampoline: 2 points

    Total: 9 points

    Tramplines: Giddy jumping pleasure or giant venus fly traps for kids?

    Sunday, January 24, 2010

    Of Pipes and Sex

    Having lost his Pipes:

    Pan became just another dirty old goat living in your bushes.

    Friday, January 22, 2010

    Bridging the Divide

    On these cold and rainy days, I enjoy a little taste of warm summer afternoons: flowers blooming, tree in full green foliage and donkeys patriotically slaving away. Ah, will someone pass me a lemonade.

    KV9VGH submits:
    "I must get this load of flowers over The Pass, the Donkey Express is depending on me"

    • Donkey pulling cart: (not your classic kitsch but more on that later): 2 points
    • Bridge over a treacherous rock pile (non-functioning except for the donkey): 1 point
    • Dangerous pile of rocks: 0 points
    • Pheasant: 1 point
    • Martin house held up with a fancy PVC stand: 0 points (but worth noting)
    Subtotal:4 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the handmade donkey cart consisting of paper-mâché, wire spooling cable and a flower pot and for the bridge built to ease his burden over the dangerous crevasse: 4 points

    Total: 8 points
    "Neither rain, nor sleet, nor plastic flowers will keep you from your appointed task. Good luck, Pedro."

    The truly talented can be very crafty with wooden cable spools. I found this lovely chair on Crimes Against Furniture.

    The concerned face is an added bonus.

    Thursday, January 21, 2010

    Sacred Gnomic Land

    I stumbled upon fellow blogger CeeJee of Obsessquious - for all things obsessive. I don't know Ceejee. I don't know if she lives in Australia or just visited Australia but I do know she as been to hell and lived to tell the tale.

    "I believe that I am not alone - neither in the great big 'verse or indeed in my solid belief that garden gnomes are in fact the earthly incarnation of Beelzebub. And I have the photos to prove it."

    My advice, in these situations, you remain calm and slowly back away from the area. Also avoid eye contact.

    And not that I am obsessive or anything but what the heck is Grumpy (of the Snow White Clan) doing hanging with this rabble. I always suspected he was shady.

    Also the twins kidnapped Stewie, who deserves it.

    Gulliver in Lilliput
    : a travel log into gnomish retirement rituals.

    Wednesday, January 20, 2010

    Can You Have Too Many Gazing Globes

    Today we are getting back down to our rural southern roots. Presented is a typical back road country yard with a deluxe lawn and garden decoration collection.

    eventer79 submits:

    Christmas ornaments are still exempt but the deadline is approaching

    ethically pleasing backyard
    Disabled flag jockey and with his dead pet

    purty truck

    Score (eventer79 provides the list, my comments are in red)
    • Leaning lighthouse that lost its cap: 1 point
    • Little green frog: 1 point
    • Inquisitive raccoon: (are there any other kind): 1 point
    • Girl kissing gazing ball( I spy the other half of the kissing pair behind the globe): 3 points + 2 points
      Corner bench with birdhouses:(what the heck, I thought it was a castle): 0 points
      Mini palm trees: 1 point
    • Tiny frightened sea captain: 1 point
      Large lighthouse gazing ball: 2 points
    • Rabbit: 1 point
      Flamingo: 1 point
    • Two children in giant acorn hats on bench: 2 points
      Egret: 1 point
    • Red gazing ball: 1 point
      Another frog (frogs are popular in the South): 1 point
      Birdbath with hugging cherubs: 1 point
      Frogs under an umbrella: 3 points (kitsch factor)
      2 children under arbor: 2 points
    • Small red and blue gazing balls: 2 points
      Giant seagull: 1 point
    • Rainbow whirligig: 1 point
    • Blue jockey boy with chopped off hand (was he stealing from the other yard statues?): 3 points (kitsch factor)
    • Plump lovestruck feline at his feet (I think it's dead): 1 point
      Fallen decapitated angel -- this section of the yard is carnage: 0 point (edited due to redgirl's determined negotiation)
    • Dove: 1 point
    • Tiny lighthouse on post: 1 point
      Fat pig/cat/rabbit under bush: 1 point
      Red kissing couple: (kitsch factor): 3 points
    • blue gazing ball: 1 point
    • 2 "sleeping" geese under tree, perhaps avoiding decapitation (who can blame them): 2 points
    Subtotal: 42 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the gazing globe love and the awesome castle looking bench thing (and the nerve to have bought and proudly display it in the front yard): 3 points

    Total: 45 points

    Question: what is the purpose of sitting under a gazebo that has no roof. Would that then make it a non-functioning gazebo?

    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    Meerkat in the Neighborhood

    Tonight on Meerkat Manor, Buttercup moves the Whiskers clan to the suburbs to protect her young from marauding gang members. The loser sister will wander off and someone will die of starvation because the lawn has been treated for grubs.

    Also, someone will die of a snake bite and oh no, who will watch the babies!

    • 3 meerkats standing guard: 3 points

    Subtotal: 3 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the adorable meerkat lookouts and because at this moment in time I am not seeing yet another litter of babies fall prey forces quite easily stopped by the camera man: 2 points

    Total: 5 points

    I'm sorry, I have to go (sniff, sob). See you guys later.

    Monday, January 18, 2010

    Not To Be Out Done

    Field reporter Lola Nova reports:
    "What is it with the sudden appearance of be-ribboned gnomes? I randomly (I swear it was a complete fluke) came upon this today

    "Hey, baby"

    I believe field reporter Lola Nova is searching for gnome-like inspiration. We should all watch her creative and crafty blog very carefully for future developments.

    Tomorrow: Back to business and back to yard art.

    I Want This Gnome

    Tufa Girl spotted a great give-a-way today while she was blog surfing:

    Don't I look divine

    The give-a-way is a joint venture between a beautiful decorating blog: Between Naps on the Porch and a snazzy tassel maker: The Tassel House .

    I want this frilly ribbon bedazzled garden gnome for many reasons, including he could be my new mascot and I think he would dress up the place a little.

    And by the way the blog, Between Naps on the Porch out ranks me by thousands of fans. So wouldn't it be great to amass an army of field reports.

    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Tiny Treasures

    One of the joys of the "at home" version of the The Yard Art Game is that you can take time to admire those tiny elements collected by the more demure artists. For these shy collectors a more subtle approach is applied to their presentations. Here, you will not find a Giant Chicken or a cowboy silhouette.

    Tufa Girl comments:
    "For the judge's pleasure, I submit two tiny Texas stars on the "pier" by the Captain. Plus a whole lot of rock - seems to be functional and artistic."

    • Frog girl chorus: 1 point
    • Tiny terrier on the plant stand: 1 point
    • Pig with back fungus: 1 point
    • Gardener putting is best side forward: 1 point
    • Flat frog: 1 point
    • Starving tiger eying flat frog: 1 point
    • While friendly frog rides unknowingly on his back: 1 point
    • Boy supervising gardener's weeding ability: 1 point
    • Tiny mail box: 1 point
    • Swinging pig weighing down mailbox lid: 1 point
    • Frog with uncooperative note for the postman: 1 point
    • Dog with bone: 1 point
    • Bear with glandular problem: 1 point
    • Girl opening another mailbox (beginning to see a pattern developing): 2 points
    • Minuscule bunny: 1 point
    • Swan who need a wax job: 1 point
    • Cool cat with shades: 1 point + 1 point for dressed bonus
    • Snail with bonnet: 1 point
    • Best bear bench I have ever seen: 1 point
    • Bird Bath: 1 point
    • Wind mill (non-functioning): 1 point
    • Tiny swan: 1 point
    • Joy rider on trike: 1 point
    • Palm tile: 0 points (I guess it is a decorative stepping tile?)
    • Hippopotamus: 1 point
    • Sea turtle (cause everyone know how hippos and turtles are): 1 point
    • Admiring lass fan of the sea captain: 1 point
    • Teeny captain resting by the pier: 1 point
    • Star bedecked pier: 2 points (There you go Texas, I was getting worried)
    Subtotal: 31 points

    Creativity Bonus

    There were many points of interest in the submitted display but I was not struck by the overall presentation. I will mention the generous use of rocks although the rocks were not stunning in size. I do however have bear bench love: 2 points

    Total: 33 points

    To go bargain garden gnome shopping with Tufa Girl visit: Get Your Yard Art Here

    I hope she picks up some for everyone.

    Saturday, January 16, 2010

    Loitering at the Local Watering Hole

    On the way home from the market, Edwin spied a tiny lady bathing in the local water fountain.

    mugshot submits:
    It is rumored, that his mother is still waiting for her eggs.


    • Boy packing a basket full of eggs for his mom's omelet shop: 1 point
    • Fountain in a bird bath adored by a naked nymph who has a strategically placed towel: 2 points
    Subtotal: 3 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For the cracked debris filled bird bath topped by an non-functioning water fountain with a boy eternally waiting for a better glimpse of the lady: 2 points

    Total: 5 points

    For those of you that have the emotional strength: AI - finding the Blue Fairy

    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    Old School Dishes

    When does debris become yard art? The debate could go over many days but in Life's Highway Game, non-functioning debris displayed for the express purpose to beautify or adorn a lawn, yard or garden becomes score-worthy. Therefore, if your 1974 Chevy Vega died in your side year 30 years and and said car in on blocks,that does not a decoration make! Although we will still look at it and comment profusely for our own entertainment.

    eventer79 comments and submits one of her famous panoramic views :

    "I tried to get a pic of this one last year, but a big redneck was standing in the yard eyeing me suspiciously, so I went along my way, photo-less. Well, turns out the secret is to stop and take pictures when there is an arctic gale so no one dares come outside and give you the evil eye... "

    click to get full effect

    Score (list provided by eventer79 and my comments are in red)

    • Lantern: 1 point
    • Windmill: (non-functioning): 1 point
    • Dead old school satellite dish (hey, technically it is nonfunctioning!) (nice try): 0 points
    • Solitary mallard (that's what you get when you are a duck species that practices gang rape)(you learn many fascinating facts from a biologist): 1 point
    • 1 large dalmatian chicken: 1 point
    • 3 dalmatian chicks: 3 points
    • 2 giant scarlet roosters: 2 points
    • 1 squirrel birdbath: 1 point
    • 3 "no evil" frogs in a pile: 3 points
    • Purple thing in plastic: 1 points
    • 1 porch snowman: 0 points
    • 2 reclining deer: 2 points
    • 2 pink flamingos: 2 points
    • 2 plastic geese painted to look like scaups (fancy biologist talk for duck): 2 points
    Subtotal: 20 points

    Creativity Bonus

    While I am amused by the large satellite dish and the small new one installed beside it, creatively speaking it is just rural clutter. However, I do like the scaup painted geese because you have to like a yard artists who knows their water fowl: 1 point

    Total: 21 points

    Uses for old satellite dishes: I'll get you started

    Be the envy of your neighborhood with a space age clothes line

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    A Blessing Upon Thee

    And lo the angels did look upon the Native American in his traditional garb and rejoiced.

    KB9VGH submits:

    Heaven smiles down equally upon all members of the Village People


    Native American ablazed in heavenly spot light: 1 point

    Subtotal: 1 point

    Creativity Bonus

    Village People Indian in mid "C" lit from above: 2 points

    Total: 3 points

    You know you are going to watch it:

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Safe Travels and Welcome Back to the South

    d/iowa, who was a major player last year, is moving away from lovely Loess, Iowa back to warmth of the South. We shall now know her as Diane.

    I can't for the life of me figure out why she would be moving back down South but I am glad she is taking her gnome with her.


    Gnome saved from an avalanche: 4 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For your hubby to heroicly save the frozen garden gnome from the after effects of a blizzard and for how happy the little guy is: 2 points

    Total: 6 points

    Goodbye Mayberry - Good journey, my friend.

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    My Bowling Ball and Me

    It's early Saturday morning and for some unknown reason you are in the mood for a yard sale. I am never in this mood but there are a lot of you that are (you craft types, especially) . Then you come across ... bowling balls. You cannot help yourself. You are compelled. You buy them... you do not bowl.

    The Dean submits:

    A blue bowling ball on a fancy green pedestal

    so why not 5 bowling balls on upside down ice cream cones

    • Bowling ball on pedestal: 2 points
    • 5 bowling balls covering the color spectrum on sugar cones: 10 points
    Subtotal: 12 points

    Creativity Bonus

    I had been waiting a long time for our first bowling ball submission and although the display is linear and not all that exciting, I do like the ice cream cone effect: 1 point

    Total: 13 points

    What other quasi-sports equipment would make a good yard art display? How about Lacrosse sticks. You suspend frogs, ducklings or rocks in the baskets.

    The Dean is an antique collector who probably goes to quite a few yard art sales: No Egrets Antiques and Collectibles.

    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    It Is Almost Time

    I predict this is the weekend most people will be packing away their holiday ornaments. The holiday bonus begins one month after the end of the holiday. After the end of this month, be on the lookout for the procrastinators.

    Meanwhile as we wait, eventer79 comments and submits:
    "No holiday is complete without the Christmas Frog. Because amphibians traditionally do very well outside in the dead of winter. Even the polar bears beat a hasty retreat from his monstrous gaping maw."

    Nothing like seeing a family of polar bears slowly sliding to their deaths to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Also, what is with the blue santa?

    Friday, January 8, 2010

    Squirreling Away For Winter

    People deal with wintering their gardens in many ways. You can cover them over with mulch or pine straw like we do in the South. You could bring in your more delicate plants or put up a green house. In the colder states I understand some people actually dig up certain bulbs in bring them in.

    In Texas, when Winter approaches you huddle your yard art collection together to keep them warm and hang some things on the walls to protect them for the elements.

    Tufa Girl comments and submits:

    "Does yard art count if it is hanging on the wall? Maybe they have stored it for the winter.... Not a star in sight. "

    Our first skull: You have to love Texas

    I spy the drive-by method of photography

    left out in the cold (parenthetically speaking)

    nope, I don't see a star

    • Skull with horns: 1 point
    • Hand crafted flower pot à la peeled tire daisy: 1 point
    • 3 Lion pedestal: 1 point
    • Not so decorative well (non functioning): 1 point
    • Great big rock: 0 points
    • Lighthouse: 1 point
    • 2 creepy black people praying to a food bowl: 2 points
    • Cowgirl silhouette: 1 point
    • Very flat cow: 1 point
    • Little gnome under the swing: 4 points
    • Owl on a stick: 1 point
    • Wind mill (non-functioning): 1 point
    • Bookend boys: 2 points
    • Gnome with broken fish proudly adoring a birdbath: 5 points
    • Shy elephant: 1 point

    Subtotal: 23 points

    Creativity Bonus

    The artist has not captured my imagination with the wintering of the collection but I do love a good cow skull from time to time: 1 point

    Total: 24 points

    Open for discussion: Bones and Skulls, a good design element or a ghoulish fetish?

    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    When is a Gnome a Gnome

    Today on ChrisJ's lovely blog, At My Soiree, she offers advice to those urban dwellers who are gnome challenged. And as much as I love/hate all things gnome: I put forth this challenge:

    Just because you call this a gnome, does it make it a gnome?

    Vitamin created bone china figures for those people who are more urbane than us country dwellers as an alternative to the more traditionally garish gnome that we all love and/ or dread.

    Where is the fun in this?

    Accept No Substitutes

    At one time I had a China connection. For a while, it was a golden age of knock-off purses, folex watches and 10 still in the theatre DVD's for a $1. I miss having my faux connection but I do have standards. Copy what purses you will, take designer jeans to new and cheaper levels but for God's sake do not make a knock off seahorse birdbath.

    Belgian Mom comments and submits:
    I am annoyed beyond belief that I cannot get close enough to this house to get everything in. I tried. You may have to wait until I can maybe get out of the car and risk a ground assault.

    Typical southern yard but wait a minute....

    ahhh (shakes my fist) Yeah, you look pretty peppy up there Flipper.

    Some more odds and ends that I probably will not be able to count. But I sure can see that birdbath, yes siree, Bob.


    • Angel on a stick: o points
    • 2 children: 2 points
    • Christmas decorations that is too early to count: 0 points
    • Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent (which almost makes up for the faux nautical birdbath): 1 point
    • Puppy: 1 point
    • Dolphin birdbath: 1 point
    • Frogs-a-courting sitting on bench: 3 point (kitsch factor)
    • Leaping dolphin: 1 point
    • Chinese Man (maybe): 1 point
    • Stuff I can't see: 0 points
    • Bathtub: 1 point

    Subtotal: 11 points

    Creativity Bonus

    Even though I am quite disappointed in a dolphin birdbath, the sea serpent is pretty neat so I am appeased: 2 points

    Total: 13 points

    Beany and Cecil

    Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    Warmer Days

    I do not know about the rest of you guys, but here in the south we are experiencing an arctic blast. We in the sunbelt really do not function all that well under arctic conditions.

    To cheer us up and help us to remember sunnier days KB9VGH submits:

    A lovely rose garden and yard art collection protected by a high security (yet tasteful) fence

    • Wing of an angel: 0 points
    • St Mary: o points
    • Decorative wrought iron chair (I love 'em): 0 points
    • Boy reading whilst perched on a podium: 2 points
    • 3 ducks: 3 points
    • Classical statue classically missing at least one arm: 1 point
    • 2 child shaped pedestals forever holding up planters (make the little buggers work, that's what I always say): 2 points
    • A Bathtub Mary, um bathtub (Mary currently sunning in garden): 0 points
    • St. Francis: o points
    Subtotal: 7 points

    Creativity Bonus

    For private collection of yard art hidden behind an iron fence: 1 point

    Total: 8 points

    Sorry KB9VGH, you ran smack into the religious exemption clause otherwise known as "I don't want to be struck by lightning today" loophole.

    Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    The Love of Stripes

    While I was having to attend family wedding functions over the New Years holiday, other people celebrated with friends, family and yard art.

    Camile comments and submits:

    "We moved Spot, the Zebra over to his new home in Moncure, North Carolina the day after Christmas and threw a big party New Years Day in which nearly everyone had their picture taken with the zebra."

    Spot the Zebra

    No, Spot , NO!

    It is well known that ponies cannot hold their liquor


    • Massive party-going zebra: 1 point
    • Passed out ponies: 0 points

    Subtotal: 1 point

    Creativity Bonus

    For a giant zebra named Spot whose fan base follows him to the wilds of North Carolina and then inspires decadent revelry involving human/yard art relations: 4 points

    Total: 5 points

    Golden Manatee approved

    For those of us not on the guest list: New Years Day at Trout Farm

    Sunday, January 3, 2010

    A Mystery Solved, Yet Another Begun

    Many times I have searched Google images for unique and unusual yard art. Many times have I have come across this curious item. The winds of fate have brought the owner of this fine um, whatever to our very gates.

    The Dean submits this oddity from his garden:

    So many questions:
    • Are those loops his hands?
    • Where is his body?
    • If his pants are riding so low should I conclude his head is on his ass?
    • Where is his belly button?
    • Why does this guy keep showing up in my nightmares?


    Armless man thingie with low rider jeans: 1 point

    Subtotal: 1 point

    Creativity Bonus

    For the head of a retard placed on a massive legs and for all the questions it evokes: 4 points

    Total: 5 points

    First Gold Manatee of the Year

    And why use Slim Picken's Head in the first place?

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    Saturday, January 2, 2010

    A Cautionary Tale

    ChrisJ starts the year off with a saga of gnomes gone bad... who would have thought.
    "This is the sad story of what happens when yard art is allowed indoors and a cautionary tale to all those contemplating it.

    First, it was so cold (minus 20), but when I let them in they just watched girlie shows all day. Sheesh! That's how they show their gratitude!"
    Whoooo, darlin'... shake your money maker

    "But then things got really serious, and back outside they had to go."

    ah, the infamous gnome sprayer setting up for another attack

    • Voyeur gnome: 4 points
    • Pigman who also enjoys a little gnome nipple from time to time: 1 point
    Subtotal: 5 points

    Creativity Bonus

    Snuggling up your lawn ornaments so they can enjoy the peep show does makes this particular artist an enabler: 2 points for enabling.

    Total: 7 points

    And the year has begun...

    Friday, January 1, 2010

    2009 Score Board

    eventer79*: 643 points
    Belgian-Mom*: 183 points
    Lola Nova*: 173 points
    d/iowa*: 161 points
    Tufa Girl*: 151 points
    Tim: 126 points
    KB9VGH*: 82 points
    Feldspar: 58 points
    Lauren: 44 points
    Valerie Everette: 40 points
    Yer Sister: 25 points
    International Flower Spy: 20 points
    nereis*01*: 17 points
    Pascal Kestemont: 16 points
    mt-MT-Mt: 14 points
    diffuse: 12 points
    Joan J: 12 points
    edition-of-one: 11 points
    The Higher Power: 9 points
    louisbickett: 9 points
    cristoba*: 8 points
    mugshot: 8 points
    Mr Klassy: 8 points
    tackyjulie*: 7 points
    Alec Lord Gnome: 7 points
    Brent and Marilynn: 7 points
    CTWD: 7 points
    Soiree: 6 points 6 points
    Professor Quentin Ziplash: 5 points
    2murthas/Lynda: 4 points
    fegbm: 4 points
    redgirl: 2 points

    * Golden Manatee recipient

    The Champions

    eventer79 - Top Player

    Every sport has a super competitor. One who defines the sport for a generation. Basketball has Michael Jordan, swimming the amazing Michael Phelps, until recently golf had Tiger Woods but I am not sure he is out of hot water as of yet.

    Along Life's Highway has eventer79 who played the Yard Art Game with such vigor and enthusiasm that I am afraid the game may have already peaked in the first year. With an incredible combined score of 643 points, no one came close to catching her.

    From humble beginnings: You are not a Jedi Yet to Consumate Gambler: an example of remarkable concentration and control, eventer79 is our winner and number 1 player of 2009.

    My favorite eventer79 submission: Natures Cruelty

    Belgian Mom - Second Place

    Belgian Mom played the Yard Art Game with the tenacity of a Jack Russel Terrier. When she submitted an entry, we had to be mentally sharp and physically fit to met this player on the battlefield. She completed the year with a total score of 183 points.

    Our obvious best negotiator, Belgian Mom continued her cause with Gargoyles are Forever and concluded with Cherubs - are They Baby Angels.

    My favorite Belgian Mom submission: Bottle Trees

    Lola Nova - Third Place

    Lola Nova came into the game about mid-year. She also stumbled upon the Purple House covered in Best Yard. I have the utmost admiration and gratitude that she listed each individual item in the massive collection and saved me hours of work.

    Lola Nova did not deal in the small scores, she is more of a big game hunter finishing the year out with a score of 173 points.

    Favorite submission and Most Creative: Shrineapoolza

    So finishes the year 2009. The scores are set to zero.

    My prediction for 2010: Watch out for Tufa Girl, d/iowa and KB9VGH. I believe they were just getting warmed up.