Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cows - A Warning

A common theme in nature is some of the brightest, most unusually colored animals and plants are poisonous or dangerous. The combination of being poisonous and sending off a warning is called aposematism. Aposematic coloration must be easy to detect, recall and associate with a defense. This allows predators to identify the animals from a longer distance away and allots more time to make a decision whether to attack or not, based on passed experiences with the prey. These past experiences could be distastefulness, noxiousness or speed of the prey.
examples include:

that's a pretty nasty  group of characters and a very fancy mosiac (I might add)

So why this quick, down and dirty biology lesson (which eventer79 will probably correct in some way, pfft)

Rosey of Dung Hoe comments and submits:

I am starting small. (but you have a BIG message)

My radar is up: bright colors, murals half painted with dribbles rolling down in mid-paint. What happened to the painter. I need to do some research. Also Alpine... why Alpine. It could be a clue.

ah ha... Cows attack cars. Angry cows ... got it.
OMG, Get out of the way Jimmy! Angry cows propelled themselves from the cliffs. Hence the secretive alpine warning. Watch out for cows in higher elevations.

oh no, Kamikaze Cows are attacking cars with boulders

Whew, thanks Rosie. We will all be better for knowing the danger of killer dairy cows. I cannot give you any points for a painting but...

Creativity Bonus

For spotting the inherent risk of cows, hills and mountains and posting the warning: 2 points

Total: 2 points

 I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm getting some protection:

This should have given the locals a clue:


  1. Actually, I must give you kudos for a very since summary of warning colouration! I am now off to don my cow helmet.

  2. Ha, I love it when I am not an idiot.

  3. Hi,

    You never know when you might be in danger.
    I think it all began with rodeo clowns pissing the bovines off.
    I like the signs you posted of falling cows.


  4. Rosey, first sorry for misspelling your name. You are so polite. Just say HEY GET MY NAME RIGHT.I usually jump to it. I am famous for my typos.

    Second, ah you don't have to thank me. I thank you for playing besides I am just doing my civic duty and sending out a public service message.

  5. Can't type, laughing too hard. Oh, ok, caught my breath. Whooooo...kamikaze cows......ok, sorry, laughing too much...dang....I give up! hahahahahahaha

  6. Cows are clutzy, not kamikaze. Leaning too far over the edge to see the pastures below.

  7. Karen, kamakaze cows are no laughing matter. I suggest investing in a good umbrella.

    fer, seems there is a decent market in cow resale.

    Tufa Girl, you say clumsy,I say kamikaze. Why should I be surprised that a Texas girl would take the cow's side.

  8. Have to agree with Tufa Girl. Never saw a courageous cow. Dumb, yes. Doubt...see car...jump

  9. I just found out why cows wear bells. Their horns don't work.
    See if you learn THAT on Animal Planet!

  10. *ouch* my ears...
    I want one of these signs. If you see in the news that one has been stolen....sshh don't tell anyone...

  11. GWGT, shhh.... you are blowing my whole protective color theory.

    Al, I agree with redgirl. That one hurt.

    redgirl, go for the one with the killer cow and the boulders. I want one that says used cows for sale. I'd put it up in my yard and see if I got any inquiries.

  12. This posting almost mooooved me to tears. That was predictable, so I won't udder another word...

  13. Wow !!! You live in a dangerous place, with all those cows. Lol !!!

    - "used cow" lol !!! What did they do, to those cow ???????????

    LOL !!!!

  14. klahanie, what would we do without your puns

    Ellada, I guess the milk is all used up?

  15. Perhaps if the used cows don't sell, they toss them over the cliff. into each life some bovine must fall...
    A falling cow gathers no moss but brings along boulders.

  16. Lola Nova, you are wise in the ways of cow real estate.

  17. We don't have these signs in the city for some reason.

  18. Lin, well let's hope cows don't start jumping off buildings.


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